Ordering for faster Workflows

We previously posted about cleaning Order clutter than can happen with complex inpatient pathways.

Better to prevent the clutter in the first place! Taking a bit of time, early on, to build Order preference lists may be the most important way to improve your efficiency while maintaining well-ordered Orders.

If you are struggling with Orders, chances are you need to take control and tweak them to your liking. Key skills include personalizing multiple versions of the same order based on diagnosis, timeframe and laterality. Examples include:
  • Multiple versions of a medication prescription based on the number days required, or different dosing schedules.
  • Multiple orders specific to x-rays of the left ankle, and the right ankle, left knee and right knee.
  • Multiple versions of interventions based on chief complaint (e.g. CT head to rule out CVA, CT head to rule our hemorrhage etc.)
Any time you have repetitive or similar ordering workflows to complete in Connect Care, there is a good chance they can be automated in some fashion to save you time.

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