Clinical Improvement Clinician Handbook

​A wealth of clinical informatics information, and Clinical Information System (CIS) specifics, can be found on internal and external AHS websites, SharePoint spaces, and policy and procedure databases. A common lament of busy clinicians is that these materials may not be well suited to their more practical questions or to the kinds of devices they use in diverse workplaces; or may be too technical or detailed.  Accordingly, a “CI Clinician Handbook” supports sharing of brief guides and tips, largely prepared by clinicians for clinicians; as a form of peer-to-peer mentoring and support. The handbook is part of the Clinical Improvement Collaboratory.
CIS public website: ahs-cis.ca/public
CIS AHS Insite: ahs-cis.ca/private
CI Clinician Handbook: handbook.ahs-cis.ca
CI Collaboratory: clinicalimprovement.ca


Clinical Information Systems – Key Concepts

​The work of evaluating a technology platform for the Alberta Health Services Provincial Clinical Information System (CIS) continues, with expectation of selection within a matter of months. Accordingly, preparations for design and build are well underway. This involves pulling together diverse groups in AHS, understanding (multiple variants of) prevailing workflows, and transforming practice to align with best guidance and CIS-enabled optimization. With critically important discussions and documents unfolding, it becomes clear that information management terms are not always jointly understood. Happily, stakeholders have agreed to collaboratively define “CIS Key Concepts,” then stick to a common interpretation as work continues.
CIS Key Concepts: handbook.ahs-cis.ca?=concepts 


Alberta Health Personal Health Record – Release Immanent

Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services will launch the first phase of the Personal Health Record (PHR) on MyHealth.Alberta.ca by the end of January 2017. The PHR offers a secure online space where Albertans can enter and manage their own health information. The content can be shared with health care teams through printed summaries or personal device displays.  
The first phase of the initiative focuses on information gathered from and managed by individuals. There are tools for recording health measurements, documenting health histories, and setting health and wellness goals. Other tools allow capture of health data from medical devices and smartphones connected to Windows-compatible computers. The only information captured from the Alberta Netcare EHR will be dispensed medications. Future phases will bring selected laboratory test results, transcribed reports and immunization records into the PHP.
CBC News article: news.ahs-cis.ca/php-cbc


AHS Provincial CIS – Senior Program Officer Appointed

​Barbara Kathol joins the AHS Provincial CIS team as its new Senior Program Officer starting January 16, 2017, completing the CIS leadership triad with Rob Hayward (CMIO) and Penny Rae (CIO). Most recently serving as an executive director at the Foothills Medical Centre, Barb brings extensive experience with enterprise information system implementations, information technology governance and clinical operations leadership. Moving forward, she will serve all zones and programs as they transform while getting ready for the CIS and the many process optimizations it will enable.
 CIS governance: ahs-cis.ca/cisgov
 CIS project overview: ahs-cis.ca/cisproj