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Countdown Checklist L4, T-minus 28: Get Ready for Billing Workflows

Continuing our list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 4 prescribers readying for launch May 28, 2022...
  • Learn about Billing Workflows in Connect Care
A previous item introduced the “Service Codes” activity available in patient charts opened in Hyperspace, which allows prescribers to integrate Professional Billing into clinical workflows. Watch this short, animated video to understand the advantages of this workflow over traditional paper billing documentation. Documentation via the Connect Care mobile apps, Canto and Haiku, uses workflows similar to Service Codes. 

The Alberta Health Information Act permits prescribers to use personally identifiable health information for the purposes of getting paid for services. Traditionally, medical staff at AHS, Covenant Health and other publicly funded facilities would print this protected patient information from legacy electronic medical records (EMRs), and then make notes on the printout about health services charges to be submitted to Alberta Health or other payer. When using Service Code Capture and Professional Billing, patient and billing information is fully secure, and kept private throughout the workflow. For more information, please contact ServiceCodeCapture@ahs.ca; for NP-specific billing questions, contact Provincial NP Services at advancedpracticenursing@ahs.ca.


Countdown Checklist L4, T-minus 30: Get Ready for Mobility

Continuing our list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 4 prescribers readying for launch May 28, 2022...
  • Get Ready for Mobility and Speech Recognition
Connect Care mobile apps (Haiku, Limerick and Canto) allow access to the patient chart on personal devices anywhere there is Internet access. Dragon Medical One transforms Android or Apple smartphones into transcription devices for dictation directly into the medical record. 

AHS uses the "Workspace ONE" application to distribute these clinical applications to mobile devices, while ensuring the devices work with Connect Care to protect patient information.
  • Haiku – Connect Care for iPhones or Android smartphones.
  • Limerick – Installs on Apple Watches and works with Haiku alerting functions.
  • Canto – Connect Care on iPad tablets.
  • PowerMic Mobile – Installs to iPhones or Android smartphones for speech recognition (allowing in-system dictation and voice commands to Connect Care).
Mobile apps have proven very popular with prescribers. They simplify anywhere/anytime access to lists, patient information, dictation, notes, orders and communications. Clinicians will want to set these up as soon as basic training is complete:


Countdown Checklist L4, T-minus 32: Meet the Connect Care Concierge

Continuing our list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 4 prescribers readying for launch May 28, 2022...
  • Meet Your Connect Care Concierge! 
A unified intake portal for Connect Care user support, the "Concierge", is at your service!

Check it out and familiarize yourself with methods for seeking help when you need it.

A unified intake process allows user needs to be captured, channeled and tracked. All users, Super Users and helpers can enter requests and suggestions. The Connect Care “Concierge” service offers a single point of capture for help, feedback and requests (help.connect-care.ca is easy to remember).


Toronto University Health Network Joins the Club

The University Health Network in Toronto is about to go live with its "Synapse" implementation of Epic Systems' digital health record. This brings a number of additional hospitals, including the Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and others, into the Canadian Epic community. More opportunity to share and learn!


Countdown Checklist L4, T-minus 37: Complete and Close Legacy Charts

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 4 prescribers readying for launch May 28, 2022...
  • Complete and Close Legacy Charts
Incomplete charts at Launch 4 sites need physician attention pre-launch. Moving to a new clinical information system (CIS) is hard if pre-existing records are not tidied up.

Physicians must attend to ALL incomplete Launch 4 AHS health records by May 27, 2022. This includes outstanding dictations and signatures for inpatient and day surgery health records, not just those that are overdue. (Note: For Calgary Zone, Sunrise Clinical Manager [SCM] PRD will still be available for documentation of encounters preceding conversion to Connect Care.)

After 05:00 on May 28, 2022, records will be completed through the Connect Care CIS rather than external dictation or eScription. Any outstanding incomplete records that exist at cutover will not be transitioned into Connect Care. Any incomplete health records on inpatients discharged on/after May 28, 2022 will be completed in Connect Care. 

Physicians can contact Health Records at the Launch sites Monday to Friday 07:45-16:00 to obtain a list of incomplete charts requiring attention.   


Countdown Checklist L4, T-minus 39: Check AHS Security Profile

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 4 prescribers readying for launch May 28, 2022...
  • Update Your AHS Security Profile
This task anticipates future calls to the AHS IT HelpDesk or Connect Care Solution Centre. Among other things, prescribers may need help with login credentials or remote access FOBs.

HelpDesk must confirm the identity of callers. This is done with a security profile, including special questions and answers, that the prescriber can set up independently, as explained in the Connect Care Manual.

All Launch 4 prescribers are asked to check and possibly update their security profile: Upon authenticating to the IAM user section, look for a "Update Security Questions" in the bottom-left column. You will set a secret word and answers to a series of security-prompt questions. Remember the answers! (Note: You must have a FOB for external access or do this from within AHS networks.)


Countdown Checklist L4, T-minus 44: Complete Basic Training

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 4 prescribers readying for launch May 28, 2022...
  • Complete Basic Training
All Connect Care users must demonstrate basic proficiency (based on basic training) before gaining access to the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) and undertaking personalization and mobility training.

The EUPA ("End User Proficiency Assessment") is used to assess basic proficiency. It becomes available in MyLearningLink (MLL) with basic training registration, and is to be completed after basic training is complete. The assessment is done online. It is not hard and is "open book" alongside a Connect Care environment (practice in PLY, check EXAM while assessment is in progress) with access to training guides. To prepare, practice in addition to basic training is recommended.

Don't procrastinate! It is better to take the EUPA, not get the needed 80%, and then re-take. Delaying only keeps one from progressing to personalization. And there is no access to the full production CIS unless both On Our Best Behaviours (OOBB; Privacy & Confidentiality Training, InfoCare) and EUPA are complete (note that it may take up to 12 hours after passing the EUPA to gain access).

After completing the EUPA, check to see if it shows under your "Completed" tab in MLL. If not, don't worry! Use the following link to affirm that you have completed, and you will be moved to pass.


Connect Care Scheduled Downtime and Spring 2022 Upgrade - Thursday April 14, 2022, 00:30-04:30

What you need to know

The Connect Care clinical information system needs periodic maintenance. The next scheduled update will occur during downtime on Thursday, April 14, 2022, between 00:30 and 04:30. On this occasion, all Connect Care production systems are affected, including Hyperspace, Transfusion (WellSky), Content (Quanum), Dictation (Dragon Medical One), MyAHS Connect, and the Link Provider Portal. Connect Care PRD SRO will also not be available during this outage. Netcare remains available. Note there are also limitations on managing personalization settings before (and during) this period due to the transparent lockdown, previously posted about here.

This downtime window is specifically for the Spring 2022 Upgrade, with changes to most Connect Care applications. These changes are primarily enhancements and will affect all prescribers using Connect Care. Tip sheets outlining the change impacts are available through hyperlinks in a slide deck, linked from the Manual; these tip sheets are hosted by Epic, so users will need to have an Epic account to view them. 

What you need to do


    • Complete orders and documentation in the chart before downtime begins.
    • Stop using PRD for orders 15 minutes prior to downtime, as they may not be processed.


    • Check with Unit Clerk/Charge Nurse to confirm processes for ordering, documentation, and patient movement.
    • Use paper documents provided in clinics and inpatient units, with forms appropriate for orders and/or charting.
    • Postpone, if possible, routine orders or documentation until after downtime. This will limit amount of data entry and reconciliation required post-downtime.
    • Orders: Use paper order sheets for essential orders during downtime.
    • Documentation: Use paper forms or eScription for essential documentation for procedures or intervention results and reports.


    • Prescribers are responsible for the following activities for any patient admission, transfer, or discharge:
      • Updating the problem list
      • Completing medication reconciliation
      • Entering admission, discharge, or visit diagnosis
    • Prescribers receiving In Basket messages about missing chart elements should follow the link to the missing chart element and enter “.DOWNTIME” (SmartPhrase) to complete the chart element, indicating that content is available elsewhere in the chart.

Where you can find more information

For essential information on downtime procedures, see the 1-page tip sheet. For additional information, see the Connect Care Manual:


Countdown Checklist L4, T-minus 46: Get Ready for LTC Cutover

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 4 prescribers readying for launch May 28, 2022...
  • Anticipate LTC Cutover
Cutover for long-term care (LTC) is a process through which key pieces of information about LTC residents are entered into Connect Care prior to launch. The primary concern for prescribers will be the management of medication and non-medication orders, and the translation of important information about patients’ clinical status from a paper record to an electronic one.

Prescribers should anticipate, and mobilize resources for, two key tasks as part of LTC cutover processes near launch:
  1. April 18–27: Please support the LTC teams by signing non-medication orders forms and Facility Living medication order forms (replaces standing orders) when requested. This information which will be entered by the cutover nurses and dieticians starting May 9.
  2. May 23–28: Validate entered orders the week before launch.
The following LTC FAQ can help prescribers prepare for LTC cutover activities:


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Thank you for continuing to check the Connect Care update blog for prescribers (ideally, subscribe to multiple channels; see instructions). Recent additions to this blog and its various channels:

Countdown Checklist L4, T-minus 49: Consider UserWeb Access

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 4 prescribers readying for launch May 28, 2022...
  • (Optional) Register for UserWeb Access
While Epic Systems software is but one part of the Connect Care clinical information system, it provides essential database, integration, and all user interface functions. 

Understanding the Epic ecosystem can make a difference to Connect Care users who wish to become a resource to their peers (e.g., Super User). A wealth of information is available through Epic's "UserWeb". 

Connect Care Manual and blog postings may reference UserWeb resources, available only to those with UserWeb login credentials. These are easy to obtain (be sure to use your AHS email when registering):


New Path to Connect Care Help Ticket Submissions

The Connect Care Concierge (help.connect-care.ca) service connects users with resources so that problems can be addressed efficiently. Sometimes, issue reports or requests involve submitting a "Help Desk Ticket" via the Concierge website.

A new enhancement facilitates streamlined ticket submissions directly from within Connect Care. The embedded process spares users entering some details (Connect Care passes the information to the ticketing system automatically) while making it easier to simultaneously submit screen shots that might illustrate a problem.

"Connect Care Help Ticket" submissions within Connect Care can be initiated from the main menu (help subsection), chart search and the universal learning home dashboard (F1 key).


Countdown Checklist L4, T-minus 51: Register for Personalization Training

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 4 prescribers readying for launch May 28, 2022...
Successful personalization of the Connect Care clinical information system has a big impact on prescriber success at launch. It is very important to take advantage of personalization workshops pre-launch. Among other things, these introduce many tips that make Connect Care use both efficient and enjoyable.

Make sure that you are already registered or take advantage of self-registration via MyLearningLink (supported on a first-come-first-scheduled basis).

Personalization objectives, pre-requisites and preparation are all described in the Connect Care Manual.


Countdown Checklist L4, T-minus 53: Get Ready for Patient Movement

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 4 prescribers readying for launch May 28, 2022...
  • (Optional) Register for the Patient Movement Readiness Series
The Patient Movement Readiness Series focuses on building a baseline knowledge of how to move a patient from one location to another using Connect Care as a tool. Make sure you sign up for these sessions, as patient movement is cited as one of the most confusing concepts to grasp at launch.

The week of April 18-22, 2022 includes Patient Movement Fundamentals Readiness events. These sessions outline basic functions that support safe movement of patients through a facility. Related workflows are explored. Use the link below to register for any of the (repeat) 1-hour patient movement events.

A self-guided learning video series with videos relevant to your work area is also available via a guide, linked below.


Connect Care Provider Portal

With Connect Care growing in Alberta, physicians not using the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) wonder about how they can follow their patients where Connect Care is the record of care. 

A key tool is the Connect Care Provider Portal (CCPP). This connects external providers to the Connect Care CIS, allowing them to request consults, schedule appointments, securely communicate, place orders, and exchange secure messages with colleagues. They can receive notifications about important patient events (e.g., admission, transfer, discharge) and view updates about lab, imaging, test and procedure results. They can also request and follow consultations. The clinical content of the Connect Care health record, including images, care plans, notes, letters and documents can be viewed.

A portals committee oversees CCPP design and deployment and welcomes input from interested providers.


Updates to Isolation Discontinuation Orders for COVID-19

All-user-bulletins highlight stumbling blocks that all prescribers need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Discontinuation of Isolation Orders

Patients can be placed on contact and/or droplet and/or airborne precautions by means of an "Initiate Isolation" order. A different order is required to remove isolation precautions already in place. 

Since April 9, 2021, “Discontinue Isolation” orders have had properties that reflect COVID-19 policies. These were updated March 28, 2022, to simplify workflows while providing relevant clinical information within the ordering workflow. 

The discontinue isolation order is unchanged for most exposures. It is no longer necessary to independently document reasons for discontinuation in COVID-19 contexts. Rather, ordering prescribers are provided with links to the latest discontinuation criteria together with links to information that can help decide if the criteria are met.


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Thank you for continuing to check the Connect Care update blog for prescribers (ideally, subscribe to multiple channels; see instructions). Recent additions to this blog and its various channels:

Launch 4 OBIX Perinatal Online Education & Training (P.O.E.T.) Begins April 4

OBIX Perinatal Interface Software is a provincial bedside solution which automates the delivery of fetal health information from the electronic fetal monitor (EFM) to the electronic health record (EHR) in Connect Care. During Connect Care Launch 4 on May 28, 2022, all Labour and Delivery (L&D) and non-L&D sites that have an EFM and are launching Connect Care will implement OBIX. The implementation of OBIX Perinatal Interface Software allows electronic sharing of the fetal heart rate (FHR) from the EFM to the Connect Care EHR for obstetrical patients, and makes this information available at bedside, on central monitors and via devices at other locations throughout Alberta. As it expands throughout Alberta, the provincial OBIX network supports better outcomes for maternal and newborn patients in Alberta. 

OBIX training will allow providers to become familiar with the interface. The training is additional to Connect Care launch training, is delivered entirely online, and takes about 30 minutes for physicians, medical learners and nurse practitioners. On April 4, you will receive an email to your AHS email from OBIX Perinatal Online Education and Training (P.O.E.T.) with instructions for how to access your OBIX training. To be prepared for the launch, please complete your training before May 20, 2022. Care can still be provided prior to completing OBIX training by managing the patient in Connect Care and viewing EFM records at the bedside if they are not on the chart.