Launch 4 OBIX Perinatal Online Education & Training (P.O.E.T.) Begins April 4

OBIX Perinatal Interface Software is a provincial bedside solution which automates the delivery of fetal health information from the electronic fetal monitor (EFM) to the electronic health record (EHR) in Connect Care. During Connect Care Launch 4 on May 28, 2022, all Labour and Delivery (L&D) and non-L&D sites that have an EFM and are launching Connect Care will implement OBIX. The implementation of OBIX Perinatal Interface Software allows electronic sharing of the fetal heart rate (FHR) from the EFM to the Connect Care EHR for obstetrical patients, and makes this information available at bedside, on central monitors and via devices at other locations throughout Alberta. As it expands throughout Alberta, the provincial OBIX network supports better outcomes for maternal and newborn patients in Alberta. 

OBIX training will allow providers to become familiar with the interface. The training is additional to Connect Care launch training, is delivered entirely online, and takes about 30 minutes for physicians, medical learners and nurse practitioners. On April 4, you will receive an email to your AHS email from OBIX Perinatal Online Education and Training (P.O.E.T.) with instructions for how to access your OBIX training. To be prepared for the launch, please complete your training before May 20, 2022. Care can still be provided prior to completing OBIX training by managing the patient in Connect Care and viewing EFM records at the bedside if they are not on the chart.