Clinical Inquiry Clinics - Case #1 Recording

The Connect Care Inquiry Clinics started this week with exploration of a first Case in repeat sessions offered Tuesday and Thursday at noon. Those who could not make the scheduled times have asked for recordings:

Participants are encouraged to check the Manual section on Reporting Workbench for background information, additional tips, e-learnings and guides. 

The next clinics occur the week of September 28, 2020.


Patient Movement Virtual Drop-In Sessions

Patient movement is about how information flow supports healthcare flow.

A trauma patient can, for example, require task distribution among emergency, critical care, operating room, ward, interventional diagnostics and other care contexts. Each may have focus for a time, with orders and documentation appropriate to that time. 

The Patient Movement Team continues to study tricky-transitions, simplify user guides and facilitate change-management. The latest Drop-In supports build on prior Patient Movement Fundamentals Webinars and Patient Movement Bootcamps.

Virtual Drop-In sessions (10 in all) are offered between September 21 – October 2, 2020, during the noon hour, providing ample opportunity to get answers to questions about patient movement workflows in Connect Care.  Advance questions, issues and demo requests are welcome (see request link below).  

No questions? The Drop-Ins still give opportunity to learn more movement workflows and to share ideas with colleagues. The sessions adopt an informal question and answer approach.  


Countdown Checklist W2 L-39: Register for UserWeb Access

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Register for UserWeb Access
While Epic Systems software is but one part of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS), it provides essential database, integration, and all user interface functions. 

Understanding the Epic ecosystem can make a big difference to CIS users who want to take full advantage of the Connect Care offering. A wealth of user support resources and user-to-user assistance is available through Epic's "UserWeb". 

Connect Care Manual and Updates postings may reference UserWeb resources, which users are not able to see until they register for a UserWeb account.  Getting Epic UserWeb access is a good pre-launch task, even though it may take a while before new users find themselves following links to UserWeb assets.

The UserWeb is available to all Connect Care users, but requires registration for an access account (be sure to use AHS email when registering):


Countdown Checklist W2 L-40: Complete Basic Training

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Complete Basic Training
All Connect Care users must complete basic training, then demonstrate basic proficiency, before gaining access to the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) and undertaking personalization and mobility training.

The EUPA ("End User Proficiency Assessment") becomes available in MyLearningLink as soon as basic training has been completed. The assessment is done online. It is not hard and is 'open book' alongside the training environment (TRN or EXAM) and training guides. 

Don't procrastinate! It is better to take the EUPA, not get the needed 80%, and then re-take. Delaying only keeps one from progressing to personalization. And there is no access to the full production CIS unless both InfoCare and EUPA are complete.

After completing the EUPA, check to see if a PASS confirmation is posted (confirmed via email). If this does not happen, don't worry! Use the following link to affirm that you have completed and you will be moved to pass.


Countdown Checklist W2 L-41: Register for Personalization Training

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
Successful personalization of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) has a big impact on physician success at launch. It is very important to take advantage of personalization workshops pre-launch. Among other things, these introduce many tips that make CIS use both efficient and enjoyable.

Make sure that you are already registered or take advantage of self-registration via MyLearningLink (supported on a first-come-first-scheduled basis).

Personalization objectives, pre-requisites and preparation are all described in the Connect Care Manual.


Clinical Inquiry Clinics - Case 1 Prep

We've previously announced a series of "Connect Care Inquiry Clinics" occurring weekly via Zoom (repeated to accommodate participant schedules) with the first clinic facilitated by Rob Hayward on September 15 and 17, 2020:

The clinics by no means cover all that is worth knowing about inquiry support tools. Instead, we take the perspective of a curious clinician; seeking to improve processes and outcomes at the level of individuals or groups. Clinics offer an opportunity to explore practical uses of inquiry tools, while sharing some clinician-friendly tips. 

We will start with a review of features and enhancements in the Reporting Workbench (My Reports) toolkit, including strategies for finding, favouriting and organizing stock reports.  Our first "case" imagines a clinician seeking lists of patients served, their prevalent problems, and possible interventions.

We'll will align new blog postings (look in the informatics, questions and tips channels) and Manual additions to the theme of each clinic.

Participants are encouraged to check the Manual section on Reporting Workbench pre-clinic. 


All Prescriber Bulletin: Issues with Scanned Documents

All-user-bulletins highlight developments that all physicians need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Scanned Document Viewing Issues - Temporary
Connect Care upgrades were performed during a downtime in the early hours of September 10, 2020. Enterprise Content Management, which takes care of scanned documents added to the digital health record, was among the systems updated. 

Some users have experienced problems viewing scanned objects (e.g., external electrocardiograms) or scanning and adding new objects.

Central fixes are being applied, with expectation that scan-related error messages will rapidly disappear.

In the meantime, users are advised to avoid the Media tab in Chart Review if the same information can be obtained via the Imaging, Cardiology or Encounter (use ECS-Pt button to access scanned documents associated with an encounter) tabs.

New scanning should be avoided until expanded capacity comes online, with any urgent materials sent to the Health Information Management department onsite with a request for scanning.

We will post again only if all problems are not resolved by end of working day.
Update (2020-09-10, 16:00): The causative issue has been isolated and fixed. Generation, attachment and viewing of scanned objects is restored to normal function.


September Upgrade Complete - Lots of Enhancements

We previously posted about a substantive September 10, 2020 Connect Care upgrade, and a downtime now successfully completed.

There are no changes requiring re-training or new workflows. However, there are many user interface improvements and fixes that can improve users' experiences. Too many to take in all at one time.
We'll post enhancement notices daily in the Support channel (button above or support.connect-care.ca), which users can subscribe to. The enhancements thread can be specifically tracked via enhancements.connect-care.ca.

Today's posting is about improvements to the Patient Storyboard. Also note a new Support posting about the need for Haiku and Canto users to ensure that they have the most recent version of the app.


Feedback and Suggestions Welcome!

The Connect Care Manual (manual.connect-care.ca), blogs (blogs.connect-care.ca) and other resources (resources.connect-care.ca) are stewarded by the Alberta Health Services Chief Medical Information Office Editorial Board.

Mindful that we are soon to welcome another wave of prescribers to the Connect Care community, we are working to keep CMIO prescriber supports current, relevant and responsive. This includes upgrades to modernize the file repositories that make the Manual, Handbook, Glossary and blogs possible. A few broken links may emerge as the work wraps up.

All of our users are encouraged to report problems, suggest improvements, or help guide new content.

A "Feedback" button, keyed to the editorial board intake email, "cmio-manual@ahs.ca," is added to the bottom of all Manual pages, as well as to links in the right column of all blogs. Please feel free to help us help you!


On Other Channels...

Thank you for continuing to check (... ideally, subscribe to; see right sidebar instructions) the Connect Care Update blog for prescribers. Some recent additions to this blog and other channels:


Countdown Checklist W2 L-47: Plan Meeting Adjustments

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Adjust Meeting Schedules in your Clinical Area
A prior item encouraged advance planning for clinical service impacts at the time of Connect Care launch. Similar planning is needed to adjust clinical business and other meetings to fit with launch needs.

Many Connect Care launch-related meetings fill the weeks just before and after launch. Some of these are prescriber-focused, including daily meetings to capture emerging issues, assign resources and review remedies. There are lots of opportunities for prescribers to have input.

Given inevitable launch demands, it is recommended that all non-essential other meetings be deferred to protect the week before and at least 3 weeks after the launch date.

This is a good time to look ahead at meeting schedules for October 15 - November 15 and identify sessions that could be cancelled or rescheduled.


Clinical Inquiry Clinics - Case 1

We've previously posted about this being a good time to explore Connect Care's measure, report, visualization, dashboard and other inquiry support tools. Excellent reporting training opportunities continue to be available via MyLearningLink.

Some of us could benefit from working through practical examples. Earlier we polled Connect Care clinicians for common inquiry needs. Responses provided use "cases" where use of one or more reporting tools could address a clinical need.

Connect Care Inquiry Clinics explore these user-submitted cases, considering the best match of problem to tool. Resources are provided, casework is shared, and participants are encouraged to adapt learnings to their particular needs. Case referrals are accepted where available Connect Care tools can be used to advantage with data already accrued (rob.hayward@ahs.ca).

Inquiry Clinics occur weekly via Zoom, are announced here a week in advance, and are repeated to accommodate participant schedules:
  • Tuesday noon (12:00-13:00)
  • Thursday noon (12:00-13:00) repeat
The first clinic is scheduled for September 15 and 17, 2020. The first case starts simple; exploring how to generate lists of patients with specified characteristics, as might serve a prescriber wondering how frequently a health condition is encountered.

Connect Care Transparent Lockdown - 16:00 September 4 - 05:00 September 10, 2020

Connect Care anticipates a significant upgrade in the early hours of September 10, 2020, as previously posted (with a link to a list of improvements).

Some upgrades require a systematic search for, and updating of, personalizations that users may have added to Connect Care. To facilitate this, a "transparent lockdown" is imposed during the days prior an upgrade.

The lockdown does not affect system performance, existing workflows, or the activities of most users (thus "transparent"). However, advanced users are prevented from generating new customizations and personalizations in some activities. Those most affecting prescribers relate to saving documentation macros, dashboard personalizations and some custom reports. For more details:

New: Enhancement Alerts

Enhancement updates provide short alerts to new, fixed or improved Connect Care functions...
  • Connect Care Enhancement Alerts
The Connect Care team attends to problem and improvement requests submitted by users via the Concierge (help.connect-care.ca), committees, councils and other routes. The numbers are impressive, with enhancements continually added to the clinical information system. Users, however, may not always appreciate which requests have been fulfilled and when. And it can be hard to filter out the changes most relevant to prescribers.

We have started to post short alerts to significant enhancements that may affect prescribers' experiences. These appear as a thread (category) within our the Connect Care support blog (support.connect-care.ca), to which users can subscribe. We will additionally call out important enhancements in "On Other Channels" postings.


Connect Care Scheduled Downtime - Thursday September 10, 2020, 00:30-05:00 AM

The Connect Care clinical information system needs periodic maintenance. The next scheduled update will occur Thursday September 10, 2020 in the early morning hours (after midnight) between 00:30 and 05:00.  On this occasion, Hyperspace, Transfusion (WellSky), Content (Quanum), MyAHS Connect and the Link Provider Portal systems are all affected.

This downtime enables a significant upgrade, with a number of updates and improvements. There are no changes to user workflows.
While PRD is offline, access to "PRDSRO" will be available for the majority (all but last 30 min) of downtime. The North BCA Web service is also available to access patient information. In addition, Netcare remains available.

Any paper ordering or charting will be uploaded by support staff once the downtime finishes. Physicians will want to validate this work. Charting deficiency notifications may appear later in In-Basket but can be addressed with the SmartPhrase ".DOWNTIME".

Additional instruction remains available in the Connect Care Physician Manual:


Countdown Checklist W2 L-51: Report Wireless Gaps

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Report Wireless Coverage Gaps
As part of launch readiness efforts, the wireless networks in Wave 2 sites are upgraded to clinical-grade (high-density, high-performance) WiFi. Teams have walked the facilities to confirm that connectivity is universally present and up to the needs of providers and patients.

Coverage seems to be complete. Please help the wireless team by checking for AHSRESTRICT wireless networking signal and stability in all your clinical work areas. Please report any gaps to IT Service desk (877-311-4300) directly. Be precise about location.

Nice Nod to Connect Care and Virtual Health Services

Dr. Daniel Baumgart has posted a nice call-out about the value of strong digital infrastructure when responding to the demands of a pandemic... with Connect Care highlighted.


On Other Channels...

Thank you for continuing to check (... ideally, subscribe to; see right sidebar instructions) the Connect Care Update blog for prescribers. Quick recent highlights in blog and other channels:


Clinical Inquiry Newsletter - August 2020

We've previously posted about how Connect Care in-system inquiry tools can help AHS grow as a learning healthcare organization.

The Connect Care Clinical Inquiry Newsletter offers an excellent way for those interested to keep updated about developing capabilities, supports and processes related to clinical inquiry, with the August Issue including the following topics:
  • Research Staff Courses
  • Research Overview Webinars
  • Finding information about Connect Care reporting content
  • Research Support Update
  • Wave 2 Launch Dashboards
  • Connect Care Reporting Training
The Newsletter releases monthly. For those interested in the same content via shorter but more frequent communications, subscribe the Clinical Inquiry Blog


Countdown Checklist W2 L-54: Confirm Remote Access

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Ensure that you have online REMOTE ACCESS
Remote access refers to any use of the clinical information system (CIS) outside of Alberta Health Services (AHS) networks ("intranet"). 

Will you need this? Some physicians rarely work out-of-AHS. Some will only remote access through mobility (Haiku, Canto) which is good enough for results review, communicating, ordering, billing and simple documentation. 

Many physicians need full Hyperspace externally. A security FOB is required, as explained in the Connect Care Manual. Existing Netcare FOBs are automatically set up for Connect Care and require no new action. For physicians needing remote Hyperspace, but do not currently have a FOB, apply now (note - must do this from within AHS):
Physicians in Wave 2 are authorized for remote access by Zone Medical Affairs, who should be contacted for support (MedicalAffairs.EdmontonZone-PhysicianResources@ahs.ca).


Countdown Checklist W2 L-55: Confirm AHS Network Access

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Ensure that you have online ACCESS
This one's easy.

Make sure that you have a working Alberta Health Services "Healthy" network userid and password. These credentials are used to log on to AHS computers, email, Connect Care and many other systems. Your profile needs to be turned on for Connect Care access. Make sure that your user name and password work at:
If you try logging on from outside an AHS facility, you will need to additionally have a security FOB. More about that in the next task. Checkout the Access section in the Connect Care Physician Manual. Contact AHS IT Service Desk (877-311-4300) if your username and password do not work with myapps.ahs.ca.


Countdown Checklist W2 L-56: Complete InfoCare (On our Best Behaviour) Training

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Complete InfoCare Privacy Awareness Training
This one applies to everyone. No escape. Every physician must complete an online self-directed eLearning module entitled "InfoCare - On our Best Behaviour". This solidifies understanding about responsible behaviours when working with personal health information. 

All prescribers must complete the module. Completion is demonstrated in a final section where commitment to privacy protection is affirmed with a series of statements. Access to Connect Care is not possible without InfoCare completion. AHS physician privileges are also contingent. 

Log on to MyLearningLink.ahs.ca (MLL) with your AHS username and password. Search the available courses using "InfoCare". Anticipate spending about 20 minutes.

Get in touch with ConnectCare.PhysicianTraining@ahs.ca if you have difficultly getting credit for course completion. Macintosh users: save time by checking our  MLL Manual section and tip sheet first. These resources also explain how to use an attestation tool if MLL does not credit course completion.


North Zone Associate Chief Medical Information Officer Transition

Recently, we learned that Dr. Hendrik (Herc) van der Watt will be leaving the role of Associate Chief Medical Information Officer (ACMIO) for the Alberta Health Services (AHS) North Zone. Herc joined the CMIO portfolio in 2018 and has played a vital role preparing his Zone for Connect Care. He has proved a strong and effective advocate for Connect Care provincially, serving Engagement & Adoption, Clinical System Design, ER/EMS Area Council (co-chair) and many other groups. Herc is appreciated for his clear guidance, open communication style, and tireless problem-solving; all essential to our success. We want to thank Herc for his dedication, and wish he and his family good fortune in their upcoming  move.

We are pleased to announce that, as of September 30, 2020, Dr. Marc Shaw will assume the role of Interim Associate Chief Medical Information Officer (ACMIO) for Alberta Health Services (AHS) North Zone. Marc has contributed extensively to the Connect Care program, serving as a Provincial Physician Trainer, Physician Master Builder, Area Trainer, Medical Informatics Lead and Super User. He provided valuable on-site support for the Wave 1 launch and is well positioned to guide future launches. In addition, Marc is completing a Health Informatics training program through Ryerson University (Toronto).

Marc earned his MD at the University of Ottawa and completed his General Surgery Residency at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Marc has practiced in Grande Prairie since 2006, with a special interest in oncoplastic breast cancer surgery. Marc is also an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta, and was awarded a Certificate of Teaching Excellence from Family Medicine Residents.  Marc enjoys racing cars, hiking, and rowing. We look forward to his continued leadership in the North Zone in this new role.

Countdown Checklist W2 L-57: Choose Personal Device(s)

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Pick Personal Device(s) for Connect Care Use
Many of us will prefer doing some clinical information system (CIS) tasks on mobile or personal computing devices. These are set up to our liking, move with us, and work well in Connect Care facilities. 

This is a good time to check whether what we have is what we'll want. Indeed, it may be time to consider purchasing a new mobile device for clinical use. 

The following information can help decide what to procure or prepare:


Using Connect Care Blogs

Blogs (short periodic online postings) can help clinicians to keep abreast of Connect Care developments, tips, questions and supports. All prescriber-oriented blogs are available via a common link:
Different “channels” address different needs:
All channels can be accessed from any other channel by using a button-bar that appears immediately below the blog title area. Select a button to jump to the channel of interest.

Note that the button bar also provides easy access to the Connect Care Manual, eHealth Glossary, MyLearningLink and HelpDesk. The far-right button will open a global search page that queries all blog channels at once. If searching within a channel, use the Search box towards the top of the left column.

By “subscribing” to a blog, one can be alerted to new material via Twitter or email messages. A "Follow (subscribe)" tool in the middle of the right column allows an email address to be entered. Users experiencing difficulties can try our suggestions, or request to be manually subscribed by sending a request to cmio-manual@ahs.ca:


Countdown Checklist W2 L-59: Plan Workload Adjustments

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Understand Physician Workload Adjustments for your Area
  • It is not a given, or often possible, that clinical service levels decrease at Connect Care launch. A number of strategies can maximize physician productivity, clinical service resilience and capacity for change.

    Be sure to ask your clinical leaders (division, department, section, specialty, clinic, ward, etc.) about plans to adjust physician availability and support in your area at launch. Discuss and confirm understandings at planning meetings.

    Also anticipate your role in making things better for your team. Usually your best contribution is to take training seriously, especially personalization training. This decreases the likelihood that you will burden colleagues or slow clinical service around the time of launch.

    See our Byte about workload planning for more information.


Countdown Checklist W2 L-60: Get Training

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Get Basic Training! 
  • Reach out to colleagues who may not be registered.
  • Physicians will not be allowed access to the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) unless they have completed Basic Training. There are no exceptions. Lack of access to the legal record of care means being unable to practice. Privileges are contingent on use of the implemented CIS. 

    So, this is important. Colleagues will be inconvenienced if forced to cover for a prescriber who does not have CIS access.

    Basic training registrations are filling fast. If practicing at a Wave 2 site and still lacking information about how to register or complete  basic training, contact:


Handling (Rare) Dual Provider Records in Connect Care

Connect Care users may notice that some prescribers (physicians, nurse practitioners, etc.) listed in the clinical information system phone book (and associated look-ups) more than once. Users need to take care when choosing a provider record to match the provider to the correct care context.

Some health care providers care for patients in more than one province; most commonly affecting Connect Care when physicians perform clinical duties in both Alberta (AB) and the Northwest Territories (NT). The non-Alberta role is indicated by a two-letter provincial abbreviation in parentheses.

For more detail:


Connect Care Scheduled Downtime - Thursday August 27, 2020, 00:45-02:00 AM

The Connect Care clinical information system needs periodic maintenance. The next scheduled update will occur Thursday August 27, 2020 in the early morning hours (after midnight) between 00:45 and 02:00.  On this occasion, the integration engine and some system interfaces are affected but not the main medical record.

There will be no user-perceived change in function post-update. However, improvements will be made to communication channels between the medical record and some supporting information systems.

During the short downtime, Connect Care users may note delays in patient and clinical information exchanged between Connect Care and other applications, particularly the WellSky blood product system. Information entered during the downtime will be queued and then automatically updated once the integration engine restarts. Some Downtime procedures may be required.

PRD will not go offline. If, however, current patient information is not found, please use North BCA Web. In addition, Netcare remains available.

The usual downtime instructions remain linked in the Connect Care Physician Manual (although most of these should not be needed on this occasion):


Connect Care Wave 2 Training Registration... NOW

Registration is now open for CMIO Connect Care training (physicians, nurse practitioners, etc.) participating in the Wave 2 launch October 24, 2020.

Email notifications have gone out from Edmonton Zone Medical Affairs to all affected physicians. Separate notifications have gone out from Advanced Practice Nursing. Prescribers are invited to register for training with instructions about how to do this through MyLearningLink (mylearninglink.ahs.ca).

Prescriber training is offered in three modes:
  1. In-classroom training (COVID prevention precautions in place)
  2. Virtual training (via Zoom)
  3. Online training through independent learning modules
The best mix of learning modes will be determined for each trainee, partly reflecting the skills required to use Connect Care for a specific practice context.  Super Users will fan out to assist with training while building relationships with the user groups they will support at launch.

Already, 41% of physicians have registered for Basic Training and 26% for Personalization Training.

Prescribers who expect but have not received a training invitation should contact:


Countdown Checklist W2 L-65: Bookmark Manual and Updates

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians facing Connect Care Launch Oct 24 2020 ...
A Connect Care Physician Manual is available for desktop, tablet and smartphone use. The Manual summarizes essential clinical information system (CIS) information for prescribers. We keep it brief, in the spirit of clinicians helping clinicians. Details are exposed through links to Connect Care guides, tip-sheets training materials. Bookmark "manual.connect-care.ca".

The Connect Care Physician Blogs are also worth bookmarking. Instructions for subscribing appear on all blog pages. The blogs include a general interest channel (default, blogs.connect-care.ca) with news and updates. Other channels include:
Bookmark "blogs.connect-care.ca" and consider subscribing to one or more channels.

It can be really useful to access the Manual and Blogs on a SmartPhone, for easy reference when working with Connect Care. 


More on AHS Email Migration to Office 365

The following information, from Dr Francois Belanger (AHS Chief Medical Officer) adds detail to our earlier announcement:

The current Exchange 2007 system used for AHS email and calendar is no longer supported by Microsoft. As a result, all AHS accounts need to be upgraded to the new Microsoft Office 365 system by the end of August 2020.

During the week of August 24, AHS will update physician email infrastructure to Microsoft Office 365 services. Among other benefits, the update to these new services will offer more security protections. The change will impact how physicians access AHS email when using personal devices (e.g., office computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Some physicians may have already received a notice sent to their AHS email account about this upgrade. Any included dates will be revised to fit with those listed here.

This update will affect AHS, Covenant Health and Alberta Precision Laboratory email accounts.

How does this change impact how you access your AHS email?

1.    Webmail: Physicians will have access to their AHS email and calendar through an enhanced Outlook Web Portal. Once you are migrated, the new webmail is accessed using a full AHS email (firstname.lastname@ahs.ca as userid) and password at outlook.office.com.

2.    AHS devices: Email accessed using Outlook on AHS computers will convert automatically. Apart from shutting down Outlook on the cutover night, no other changes are required. 

3.    Personal devices: AHS is introducing a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) software solution for physicians. This is to help balance usability with supports to protect security and privacy of health data. Effective August 31, 2020, AHS email and calendar via Outlook will only be accessible on personal devices that are enrolled into the BYOD program (see Accessing AHS Email & Intranet webpage).


Support and resources
For additional information, please see the following:
·         Frequently asked questions
·         BYOD iOS enrolment guide
·         BYOD Android enrolment guide

For questions or concerns about the upcoming change, please contact the Messaging Upgrade team at: AHS.MessagingUpgrade@ahs.ca.

For technical issues after the upgrade, please contact the IT Service Desk at 1-877-311-4300 or open a support ticket here.


Francois Belanger
Vice President, Quality, and Chief Medical Officer
Alberta Health Services