Between the Charts: CMIO Newsletter for Prescribers - Issue 6 Now Available

We previously posted about our new monthly newsletter for prescribers, called "Between the Charts". This newsletter summarizes key news items, Epic system updates, efficiency tips and extras that will help prescribers optimize their Connect Care user experience, all in two pages.

Our next issue is now out, available at the below link! This issue includes information on:

  • Interfacility Transfer (IFT) workflow changes
  • Dangers of copy-paste
  • Suppressing/filtering medication warnings
  • Home Care referrals
  • Embedding/linking to images in documentation
  • An upcoming project on consult order optimization
  • Optimization Training classes in May
  • And more!

The previous issues can still be accessed, via the archive in the Connect Care Manual. 

If you have any feedback on this issue or have a suggestion for content you'd like included in a future issue, please send us an email.

On Other Channels...

Thank you for continuing to check the Connect Care update blog for prescribers (ideally, subscribe to multiple channels; see instructions). Recent additions to this blog and its various channels are listed below. Reminder that a camera icon in a blog post on any of our channels indicates that there is an accompanying screenshot - just click the icon to view. 


All User Bulletin - Copy-Paste Dangers

All-user-bulletins highlight stumbling blocks that all prescribers need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Inter-System Copy-Paste Dangers

Copy-paste of clinical content from one health information system (e.g., Netcare) to another (e.g., Connect Care) is not appropriate and should not be done. There are a number of dangers, including:
  • Copy-paste between discrete health information systems is subject to legislated requirements of the Alberta Health Information Act.
  • Copied text may have encoding dependencies that differ between systems, causing pasted material to change appearance in ways that could change its meaning.
  • What can be copied is but part of the source health information data, missing properties essential to confirming the right patient and encounter.
There are alternative workflows that protect against these and other dangers:


Optimization Training - Classes for Anesthesia Prescribers Now Available

We previously posted that the CMIO Training team is now offering Optimization classes (previously called Thrive classes), where Connect Care prescribers can learn how to take full advantage of the features of the clinical information system, to help maximize their productivity and spend more time with patients. As of April 15, 2024, we are launching a series of classes for Anesthesia prescribers.

The Anesthesia Optimization classes are 60 minutes in length each and will focus on completing common workflows more efficiently. There are two classes; note that the order of completion does not matter.

  • Anesthesia Optimization 1 covers:
    • Managing active orders, fluid balances, and correcting medication orders.
    • Documenting delays or postponement of cases.
    • Use of intraprocedure tools to sign a record without completing hard stop requirements.
  • Anesthesia Optimization 2 covers:
    • Deleting records created in error.
    • Correcting incorrect device data on the wrong patient.
    • Using chart correction tools that have replaced the anesthesia record wizard.
The current dates available for Anesthesia Optimization classes are: April 15, April 29, April 30, May 14, and May 23.

Prescribers can register for these Anesthesia Optimization classes at the below link. Classes will be added regularly, so please continue to check back. Spots are limited to ensure trainers can address individual questions. Please ensure that you review your confirmation email from "Bookings CMIO Thrive" for the class link, and requirements for the session.


Upcoming Webinars - Prescriber Billing in Connect Care

The AHS Professional Billing team will be holding webinars in April for all Connect Care prescribers (including Launch 8). These 1-hour Zoom sessions will review how a prescriber can enter billing into Connect Care and access billing in reports. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions about prescriber billing in Connect Care. 

If you have any questions about these sessions, please contact the Professional Billing team.