Countdown Checklist L8, T-minus 23: Take Action to Receive Results to your Community Clinic

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 8 prescribers readying for launch May 4, 2024...
  • Take Action to Receive Results to your Community/ Non-AHS Clinic(s)
Community providers throughout Alberta who order general lab, microbiology tests, pathology, and all other specialty labs, diagnostic imaging (DI), or who submit specimens for testing, need to take action. Every requisition given to a patient seen outside of AHS or sent with a specimen from a non-AHS site (including microbiology, pathology and specialty tests) needs to contain: 
  • Authorizing provider’s full name
  • Clinic name
  • Address
  • Submitter ID (for labs)
  • Department ID (for DI) 
  • Provider ID for the authorizing provider
  • All pertinent clinical information 
An audit in the latter part of 2023 showed that nearly half of providers were not using the provider, submitter, and department IDs on their requisitions. When the IDs are not used, delivery of results to your EMR or clinic fax/mail may be significantly delayed. Provider, submitter and department IDs, and can be found at provideridlookup.ahs.ca

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