All User Bulletin - Connect Care Fax Application Issues

All-user-bulletins highlight stumbling blocks that all prescribers need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Connect Care Fax Application Issues

Outbound faxes sent directly from Connect Care (including eFaxed prescriptions) are handled by the RightFax application. Connect Care users are currently experiencing issues with RightFax. Outbound faxes are unable to send, and some users are reporting issues with receiving inbound faxes. 

For urgent referrals and urgent ambulatory prescriptions, please send via secure email or phone call. Technical teams are engaged and working towards a solution. We will provide an update here when available. 

Update:  The RightFax outage has been resolved and new faxes are successfully sending through. AHS IT is currently undergoing remediation work to retrieve and deliver faxes sent during this period, however exact timelines for completion are unknown at this time. If you sent an urgent fax (e.g. urgent referral or urgent ambulatory prescription) during this period, please follow up by secure email or phone. eDelivery of results to outpatient EMR, Netcare or Connect Care are not impacted. If you have any questions or need support, please contact the IT Contact Centre 1-877-311-4300 or through ServiceHub.

Announcement: Central Zone Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, Dr. Aaron Pink

Dr. Aaron Pink, ACMIO, Central Zone
Last November, we announced the retirement of our ACMIO for the Central Zone, Dr. Steven Turner. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Aaron Pink has joined the CMIO team as the new ACMIO for the Central Zone.

Aaron is an OB/GYN, practicing at the Red Deer Regional Hospital as well as in Stettler and Olds. Previously serving the community in Nova Scotia, an enriching rotation in Red Deer during Aaron’s residency at the University of Calgary (completed in 2016) made a lasting impression on him. Since returning to Alberta, his tenure in Red Deer has allowed him to engage in rewarding clinical work as well as several key administrative roles, including Clinical Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology for the Central Zone, Medical Informatics Lead for Women's Health in the Central Zone, and Surgical Access Improvement Lead for the Central Zone.

Outside the professional sphere, Aaron enjoys having adventures with his wife and two children, and playing board games, video games, and Dungeons and Dragons. He’s also a passionate fan of science fiction and fantasy films and TV shows.

As he moves into the ACMIO role, Aaron is particularly excited about the opportunity to use technology such as Connect Care to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and facilitate smoother transitions to new systems. By reducing stress and mitigating the risk of physician burnout, he hopes to contribute to significant improvements that will benefit all healthcare professionals.

Please join us in welcoming Aaron to our team!


Connect Care Patient Portal (MyAHS Connect) - Proxy Access Update

Recently, we made you aware of a planned change to limit youth proxy access in MyAHS Connect, the patient portal in Connect Care, to provide greater confidentiality for vulnerable youths aged 12 years and older, who may independently access healthcare. These changes were to take effect last Friday, January 26, 2024.  

Based on recent feedback from frontline care providers and their patients, we made the decision to revisit this initiative and we are beginning the work to identify potential options that would strike a better balance between the needs of maturing youth and the ability of their parents to support them with ongoing healthcare needs. A working group will further research a potential technical solution to this issue and when appropriate will be re-engaging healthcare providers who care for youth populations, and AHS patient and family advisory groups for additional input. 

We think it is important to underline that access to a youth’s MyAHS Connect account does not affect a parent’s or guardian’s decision-making authority or their ability to attend appointments and be involved in all aspects of care, as a valuable part of their youth’s healthcare team.  

No system changes will be implemented at this time, and proxy access will remain available for children aged 0 to 11, and limited for youth aged 12 to 17 to those with special healthcare needs. 

More information about MyAHS Connect and existing proxy access is available in the Connect Care Manual.


Between the Charts: CMIO Newsletter for Prescribers - Issue 3 Now Available

We previously posted about our new monthly newsletter for prescribers, called "Between the Charts". This newsletter summarizes key news items, Epic system updates, efficiency tips and extras that will help prescribers optimize their Connect Care user experience, all in two pages.

Our next issue is now out, available at the below link! The previous issues can still be accessed, via the archive in the Connect Care Manual. 

If you have any feedback on this issue or have a suggestion for content you'd like included in a future issue, please send us an email.


Connect Care Hyperdrive Upgrade - Phased Rollout Begins February 13, 2024

Through our surveys and engagement sessions, we’ve heard from you that we need to do more work on optimizing the Connect Care system. An important first step in this process is moving from our existing “Hyperspace” version of Epic to a newer version called “Hyperdrive”, which clinical users around the world have found to be faster, more responsive, and streamlined. The new version will also enable us to complete some enhancement work in areas like results delivery to prescribers that the older version did not allow. All patient records will continue to be stored on secure servers within Alberta; Hyperdrive provides increased security in protecting these servers. 

When is this happening?

The move to Hyperdrive will happen in three phases, from February 13, 2024 to February 28, 2024. The first two phases will include small groups of AHS acute care sites/programs, to ensure any technical issues can be addressed before all other sites using Connect Care move to Hyperdrive. More information will be sent to each site according to what phase they are in, and notices for each phase with links to resources will be posted to this blog channel.

Beginning February 13, 2024, every Connect Care user will see TWO icons on their screenPlease do NOT click on the new icon to access Connect Care unless you have been instructed to do so as part of the phased upgrade to Hyperdrive. When the rollout is complete, the new icon will be removed and the original will be used by all users to access Connect Care.

  • Phase 1 – begins on February 13, 2024, includes 3 sites:
    • East Edmonton Health Centre
    • Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital 
    • Royal Alexandra Hospital
  • Phase 2 – begins on February 21, 2024, includes 5 sites:
    • Cross Cancer Institute 
    • Grande Cache Community Health Complex 
    • Manning Community Health Centre
    • Peter Lougheed Centre
    • South Calgary Health Centre (Urgent Care only)
  • Phase 3 – begins on February 28, 2024
    • All other Connect Care sites

What is changing?

Initially, you may not notice a significant functional difference between Hyperspace and Hyperdrive. There will be changes to the look and feel of the screens you use in your daily work, and some workflows will also be streamlined. A comprehensive summary of the changes are available in a slide deck, which includes links to tip sheets hosted by Epic; users will need to have an Epic account to view them. A 4-minute video highlighting the changes is also available.

What supports are available to prepare for the upgrade?

The CMIO will be providing virtual drop-in support for prescribers on weekdays throughout the rollout period, and after-hours/weekend support will be available through the Helpdesk. For more information, see the Hyperdrive Upgrade section of the Manual.


Optimization Training - Upcoming "Thrive" Classes

In January 2024, the CMIO Training team will begin to offer "Thrive" classes (also called optimization sessions) for Connect Care prescribers. After going live with Connect Care, many prescribers can benefit from additional support to help take full advantage of the features of the clinical information system, maximizing their productivity and allowing them to spend more time with patients.  

The Thrive classes will be 30 to 60 minutes in length each and will focus on completing common workflows more efficiently. In January, we will begin to offer sessions focusing on In Basket management and Therapy Plans. We will be adding other Thrive classes moving forward; information will be added to the Connect Care Manual when available. 

Prescribers can register for Thrive classes at the below link. Spots are limited in order to ensure trainers can address individual questions. Please ensure that you review your confirmation email from "Bookings CMIO Thrive" for the class link, and requirements for the session.