Connect Care Patient Portal (MyAHS Connect) - Proxy Access Update

Recently, we made you aware of a planned change to limit youth proxy access in MyAHS Connect, the patient portal in Connect Care, to provide greater confidentiality for vulnerable youths aged 12 years and older, who may independently access healthcare. These changes were to take effect last Friday, January 26, 2024.  

Based on recent feedback from frontline care providers and their patients, we made the decision to revisit this initiative and we are beginning the work to identify potential options that would strike a better balance between the needs of maturing youth and the ability of their parents to support them with ongoing healthcare needs. A working group will further research a potential technical solution to this issue and when appropriate will be re-engaging healthcare providers who care for youth populations, and AHS patient and family advisory groups for additional input. 

We think it is important to underline that access to a youth’s MyAHS Connect account does not affect a parent’s or guardian’s decision-making authority or their ability to attend appointments and be involved in all aspects of care, as a valuable part of their youth’s healthcare team.  

No system changes will be implemented at this time, and proxy access will remain available for children aged 0 to 11, and limited for youth aged 12 to 17 to those with special healthcare needs. 

More information about MyAHS Connect and existing proxy access is available in the Connect Care Manual.