Connect Care Hyperdrive Upgrade - Phased Rollout Begins February 13, 2024

Through our surveys and engagement sessions, we’ve heard from you that we need to do more work on optimizing the Connect Care system. An important first step in this process is moving from our existing “Hyperspace” version of Epic to a newer version called “Hyperdrive”, which clinical users around the world have found to be faster, more responsive, and streamlined. The new version will also enable us to complete some enhancement work in areas like results delivery to prescribers that the older version did not allow. All patient records will continue to be stored on secure servers within Alberta; Hyperdrive provides increased security in protecting these servers. 

When is this happening?

The move to Hyperdrive will happen in three phases, from February 13, 2024 to February 28, 2024. The first two phases will include small groups of AHS acute care sites/programs, to ensure any technical issues can be addressed before all other sites using Connect Care move to Hyperdrive. More information will be sent to each site according to what phase they are in, and notices for each phase with links to resources will be posted to this blog channel.

Beginning February 13, 2024, every Connect Care user will see TWO icons on their screenPlease do NOT click on the new icon to access Connect Care unless you have been instructed to do so as part of the phased upgrade to Hyperdrive. When the rollout is complete, the new icon will be removed and the original will be used by all users to access Connect Care.

  • Phase 1 – begins on February 13, 2024, includes 3 sites:
    • East Edmonton Health Centre
    • Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital 
    • Royal Alexandra Hospital
  • Phase 2 – begins on February 21, 2024, includes 5 sites:
    • Cross Cancer Institute 
    • Grande Cache Community Health Complex 
    • Manning Community Health Centre
    • Peter Lougheed Centre
    • South Calgary Health Centre (Urgent Care only)
  • Phase 3 – begins on February 28, 2024
    • All other Connect Care sites

What is changing?

Initially, you may not notice a significant functional difference between Hyperspace and Hyperdrive. There will be changes to the look and feel of the screens you use in your daily work, and some workflows will also be streamlined. A comprehensive summary of the changes are available in a slide deck, which includes links to tip sheets hosted by Epic; users will need to have an Epic account to view them. A 4-minute video highlighting the changes is also available.

What supports are available to prepare for the upgrade?

The CMIO will be providing virtual drop-in support for prescribers on weekdays throughout the rollout period, and after-hours/weekend support will be available through the Helpdesk. For more information, see the Hyperdrive Upgrade section of the Manual.