Enhancements to Isolation Discontinuation Orders for COVID-19

All-user-bulletins highlight stumbling blocks that all physicians need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Discontinuation of Isolation Orders

Patients can be placed on contact and/or droplet and/or airborne precautions by means of an "Initiate Isolation" order. A different order is required to remove isolation precautions already in place. 

Starting April 9, 2021, “Discontinue Isolation” orders have some new properties that reflect COVID-19 policies. These illustrate how just-in-time instruction, guidance and documentation can be supported with an integrated workflow. 

The discontinue isolation order is unchanged for most exposures. If the order relates to COVID-19 risks, exposure or disease, then the order must be supplemented with documentation of compliance with COVID-19 protocols. This is accomplished with a linked note, automatically created from within the discontinue isolation order:

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