Launch 4 Progress - A Great Start!

Connect Care Launch 4 continues to progress well after a remarkably smooth weekend. Most early problems are resolved and a few ongoing issues are explored by teams working to fine tune some of the more complex workflows.

Twice-daily prescriber huddles continue to triage any prescriber issues identified to Super Users, Medical Informatics Leads or the ticketing process. Rapid-response clinical system design and other task groups receive and work on issues during the day. Highlights of what is being worked on appear in a daily prescriber Support Hot Topics

Learning curves remain steep in the first week. New users are encouraged to continue to consult with Super Users, check the Connect Care Manual (manual.connect-care.ca), and identify where new supports or clarifications could help (cmio-manual@ahs.ca). In addition, blog postings focus on the more common questions and challenges that we hear about:

Renewed thanks to all Launch 4 teams for their incredible work and resourcefulness through the launch period!


Launch 4: We are GO!

All Connect Care systems activated on time at 05:00! 

Today, Connect Care welcomes 57 Edmonton and Calgary sites into the family. The first few days will be intense, but with lots of help at hand we are confident that progress will be fast. 

Prescribers, please make use of the drop-in centre and other launch supports (launchhelp.connect-care.ca).

A message to Connect Care Launch 4 teams from Interim President and CEO Mauro Chies:

The Alberta Medical Association (AMA) published a letter from the President advocating for physician and patient interests during the Launch 4 Connect Care rollout:


Connect Care Submit Help Ticket Button

We previously posted about a new path to Connect Care Help Desk Ticket submissions, directly from within Connect Care. A "Connect Care - Submit Help Ticket" button has now been added to the top of the screen, making the link easy to access (click on below icon to view screenshot). The link can also still be found via the main menu (Help subsection), chart search, and the universal learning home dashboard (F1 key).

This button should be used to report non-urgent problems or suggestions about Connect Care. Once the button is clicked on, a form will pop-up for the user to fill in details while still in Connect Care. The ticket created from this form will then automatically be routed to the relevant support team.


Removal of Outdated eCLINICIAN Medication-checks from Connect Care

Most clinicians have noticed "Medications from outside sources..." alerts in Connect Care charts (click below icon to view screenshot).

These prod the user to open the "Reconcile Outside Information" activity and either import or delete information from an external health information system. Judging by the large numbers of unmanaged alerts, it appears that most users do not find them helpful. 

A review of the reconcile outside medication prompts reveals that they relate to imports from the eCLINICIAN outpatient health record, which was replaced by Connect Care in 2019. Years have passed, the information is old and the prompts have little remaining value. 

As part of ongoing efforts to minimize unnecessary alerts, all unreconciled eCLINICIAN medication triggers older than 2 years will be archived; thus removing distracting prompts. 

Other potentially high-value information continues to flow from active external systems (e.g., allergies and adverse reactions). These may prompt clinicians to consider incorporating any new information into Connect Care charts.


MyAHS Connect - Empowering More Albertans for Health Care

We've reached another exciting milestone for better connecting patients with their health care: more than 100,000 Albertans now have access to their Connect Care health record through MyAHS Connect! 

A big thank you to prescribers at Connect Care sites who have encouraged their patients to “get connected!”

MyAHS Connect gives patients the opportunity to be a more active member of their healthcare team using their smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s a win-win for patients and care teams.

For more information about MyAHS Connect, see: