CMIO Optimization Support for Connect Care Users

With 11,275 professionals having completed Chief Medical Information Office (CMIO) training for Connect Care, the CMIO has developed a four-fold optimization training strategy to foster continuous learning for those in previous launches (Waves/Launches 1-8). 

All Connect Care users who fall under the scope of CMIO Training can access a variety of optimization support. The CMIO offers classes on a variety of topics that can be booked here

In Self-Directed learning and SmartUser training, users can drive their own learning through the available resources and modules, while in Reinforcement (personalization) and Direct Support, MILs and Medical Leaders help champion this learning for their users.

For more information, see the Optimization Training page in the Connect Care Manual.


Update on Results Release in MyAHS Connect

Starting June 18, 2024, five additional test results and their results-related documents will become immediately available to patients in MyAHS Connect (MAC), the online patient tool for Connect Care, without a 5-day hold. 

  • The five test results that will be available without a 5-day hold are:
    • Stress Test
    • Holter Monitor
    • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
    • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Making these results available in MAC aligns with the release of these same results through MyHealth Records in My Personal Records, the provincial personal health record tool.
  • Currently, patients who have access to MAC can see these test results 5 days after their ordering provider receives them. After June 18, the results and related documents will be available to patients at the same time as the ordering provider, as with other results in MAC.

In addition to the immediate release of the five tests and their related documents, historical results-related documents for tests that were already viewable in MAC will also be added on June 18. This includes results-related documents for lab, diagnostic imaging and cardiology tests that date back to the start of Connect Care.

  • The historical results-related documents will not appear in the patient's test results, but will be visible in the "Document Center" of MAC. Patients will not receive an alert that these historical results-related documents are available; the documents will simply appear in the tool to view at their convenience.

As with previous results releases, providers may consider giving patients more information about the implications of different results at the time of ordering a test.

Physicians and other providers will continue to have access to results through their usual delivery channels, as well as through Alberta Netcare.

More information on the release of results is available via a 1-pager.


CMIO Prescriber Drop-in Now Closed

As we approach the end of the sixth week of Connect Care at the Launch 8 sites, the CMIO Virtual Drop-in Centre has now closed. Though the launch support period may have ended at your site, that is not the end of Connect Care support available for prescribers. 

It is expected that new users will continue to have questions as they encounter situations perhaps not covered in basic training, or when returning to a workflow they need a refresher on, or when there is an opportunity to dive into some of the more advanced tricks and tools available to get the most out of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) and make your user experience smoother. There are a number of post-launch supports in place for these reasons. 

  • If you are experiencing a problem that has possible immediate patient care impact, call the IT Service Desk & Solution Centre at 1-877-311-4300 (#1 for Connect Care). The Service Desk is able to provide high-level workflow and training support; urgent issues will be escalated to an on-call CMIO training team member.
  • For all other issues, take a look at this FAQ to discover the best post-launch resource to use for help.
Don't struggle - ask for help. A solution is likely just a call or click away.


On Other Channels...

Thank you for continuing to check the Connect Care update blog for prescribers (ideally, subscribe to multiple channels; see instructions). Recent additions to this blog and its various channels are listed below. Reminder that a camera icon in a blog post on any of our channels indicates that there is an accompanying screenshot - just click the icon to view. 


Connect Quality – Tools to Help Physicians Meet CPSA Requirements

As announced in our most recent Between the Charts newsletter, our Connect Quality initiative is officially launched! 

Connect Quality organizes resources, training, reporting tools, and the documentation required to meet College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) Physician Practice Improvement Program (PPIP) requirements, in one spot. When you work through a Connect Quality project, you will improve the quality of care for your patients, improve your own proficiency in using Connect Care, and meet your CPSA requirements, all at once! 

  • The first project that is available focuses on improving In Basket turnaround time, and uses Signal for data requirements.
    • If you have previously taken an In Basket CMIO Optimization class, you can use this to meet your CPSA requirements - just ask us how!
  • Projects on Problem List maintenance and Adverse Reaction maintenance will be added shortly, with other topics added in the future. 

See connectquality.ca for more details, and to sign up! The website can also be found in the Connect Care Manual - in the table of contents under Training >> Connect Quality, or search "Connect Quality". Once you sign up for a project, an information package with all the resources you need will be sent to you, including details on how to use Signal for the project.

If you have any questions on Connect Quality, including help with the sign up process, accessing your Signal data, or applying a previously completed CMIO Optimization class to meet your CPSA requirements, please contact cmio.optimization@ahs.ca.