Between the Charts: CMIO Newsletter for Prescribers - Issue 8 Now Available

Our monthly newsletter for prescribers, called "Between the Charts", summarizes key news items, Epic system updates, efficiency tips and extras that will help prescribers optimize their Connect Care user experience, all in two pages. The next issue is now out, available at the below link! This issue includes information on:

  • Dragon Medical One training sessions
  • Optimization Training classes in July
  • Results release changes in MyAHS Connect
  • Diagnostic imaging appointment provider notification change
  • New Meaningful Use Norms metrics
  • Upcoming removal of provider department login restriction
  • Reordering parenteral nutrition
  • Consult Order Optimization Project rollout
  • And more!

The previous issues can still be accessed, via the archive in the Connect Care Manual. 

If you have any feedback on this issue or have a suggestion for content you'd like included in a future issue, please send us an email.