Countdown Checklist L5, T-minus 82: Complete InfoCare (On Our Best Behaviours) Training

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 5 prescribers readying for launch November 6, 2022...
  • Complete InfoCare Privacy Awareness Training
This one applies to everyone. Every prescriber must complete an online self-directed eLearning module entitled "InfoCare - On Our Best Behaviours" (OOBB). This solidifies understanding about responsible behaviours when working with personal health information. 

All prescribers must complete the module. Completion is demonstrated in a final section where commitment to privacy protection is affirmed with a series of statements. Access to Connect Care is not possible without OOBB affirmation. AHS physician privileges are also contingent. 

Log in to MyLearningLink.ahs.ca (MLL) with your AHS username and password. Search the available courses using "InfoCare". Anticipate spending about 20 minutes.

Get in touch with ConnectCare.PhysicianTraining@ahs.ca if you have difficulty getting credit for course completion. Macintosh users: save time by checking our MLL Manual section and tip sheet first. These resources also explain how to use an attestation tool if MLL does not credit course completion.


On Other Channels...

Thank you for continuing to check the Connect Care update blog for prescribers (ideally, subscribe to multiple channels; see instructions). Recent additions to this blog and its various channels:

Countdown Checklist L5, T-minus 85: Bookmark Manual and Updates

Continuing our list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 5 prescribers readying for launch November 6, 2022...
A Connect Care Manual is available for desktop, tablet and smartphone use. The Manual summarizes essential clinical information system (CIS) information for prescribers. We keep it brief, in the spirit of clinicians helping clinicians. Details are exposed through links to Connect Care guides, tip sheets and training materials. Bookmark "manual.connect-care.ca".

The Connect Care Blogs are also worth bookmarking. Instructions for subscribing appear on all blog pages. The blogs include a general interest channel (default, "blogs.connect-care.ca") with news and updates, as well as important support information during the launch period. Other channels include:
Bookmark "blogs.connect-care.ca" and consider subscribing to one or more channels (each channel must be subscribed to separately).

It can be really useful to access the Manual and blogs on a smartphone, for easy reference when working with Connect Care. 


Countdown Checklist L5, T-minus 89: Check Alberta Referral Directory

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 5 prescribers readying for launch November 6, 2022...
  • Physician Registries - Check ARD 
Alberta has multiple sources of physician information. Connect Care uses these to inform a single physician registry. This is a good time for Launch 5 physicians to ensure that provincial databases have current and correct information.

The Alberta Referral Directory (ARD) is one such database. It is a secure, online listing that provides access to consultant demographics, referral guidelines and referral forms.

All physicians are encouraged to update their ARD entry, or have clinic staff take care of this for all clinic providers. ARD is incorporated into Connect Care referral workflows.


Countdown Checklist L5, T-minus 92: Consider Training Options

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 5 prescribers readying for launch November 6, 2022...
  • Consider Connect Care Launch 5 Training Options
While our response to COVID-19 continues across the province, we are carefully moving forward with preparations for the implementation of Connect Care Launch 5. Training activities continue, with appropriate COVID-19 awareness and precautions.

Virtual as well as in-person classes are available. In-person classes have all the necessary measures in place to offer safe training. Contingency plans are in place in the event of facility-level outbreaks. If required, all in-person training can be converted to virtual training. We remain flexible and ready for COVID-19 related change in the weeks and months to come.

Registration for Launch 5 Connect Care training remains open through MyLearningLink (mylearninglink.ahs.ca). Besides completing the training, please remember that completion of the privacy training, On Our Best Behaviours (OOBB), is also mandatory for access to Connect Care. Registration information for medical staff is provided by Zone Medical Affairs, and for nurse practitioners by Provincial NP Services.


Countdown Checklist L5, T-minus 94: Get Training

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 5 prescribers readying for launch November 6, 2022...
  • Get Basic Training! 
  • Reach out to colleagues who may not be registered.
Prescribers will not be allowed access to the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) unless they have completed basic training. There are no exceptions. Lack of access to the legal record of care means being unable to practice. Privileges are contingent on use of the implemented CIS. 

So, this is important. Colleagues will be inconvenienced if forced to cover for a prescriber who does not have CIS access.

First-time users of the CIS must complete an instructor-led basic training session. Launch 5 instructor-led basic training begins August 29, 2022, and registrations are filling fast.

If practicing at a Launch 5 site and still lacking information about how to register or complete basic training, contact:


Countdown Checklist L5, T-minus 96: Are you in?

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 5 prescribers readying for launch November 6, 2022...
  • Are you in Connect Care Launch 5? 
An obvious first checklist task is to determine whether Launch 5 tasks even apply!

For most physicians, that determination is made by Medical Affairs. Lists of clinic physicians, those with hospital privileges, visiting specialists and on-call contributors are used to generate invitations to Launch 5 physicians. Despite this, it is possible that some physicians with new site responsibilities -- and some physicians who have already trained in earlier waves -- might be missed. Physicians should check the clinics and hospitals slated for Launch 5 and be sure that they have been invited to participate if they expect to work at those sites:
For nurse practitioners (NPs), Provincial NP Services makes the determination based on HR lists. However, it is recognized that many NPs cover cross-site/-zone programs or have multiple "casual" positions; Provincial NP Services contacts all NPs and their managers directly to confirm. NPs expecting to work at a Launch 5 site who have not been contacted should email Provincial NP Services.

Other online resources can be checked for the latest information: