CMIO April Appointments

We are delighted to have Stephanie Ladouceur join the Chief Medical Information Office as its executive associate. Formerly an acting business manager and team support coordinator at AHS Supportive Living, Stephanie brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to a challenging role. A quick study, already she helps smooth our way to the AHS Provincial Clinical Information System.
David Meurer also started with the CMIO in April 2017, bringing many years of experience with clinical guidance development and coordination in the Emergency Medicine Strategic Clinical Network. David serves as Program Director Provincial eQuality and eSafety, a role critical to preparations for the provincial CIS.
·   Stephanie Ladouceur, Executive Associate
·   David Meurer, Program Director


AHS Clinical Telehealth Vision Presentation

Clinical Telehealth helps clinicians deliver health services, share expertise and exchange information – anytime and anywhere – when clinician and client cannot be in the same place. Given Alberta’s broad geography, telehealth tools, skills and supports are increasingly instrumental for provision of equitable, patient-focused, and high-quality care. Advent of a provincial clinical information system, and rapid emergence of “lean” telehealth tools, assures rapid expansion of Clinical Telehealth in diverse AHS lines of service. Dr. Jonathan Choy, our AHS Telehealth Medical Director, will be presenting about Clinical Telehealth successes and aspirations. Join him May 6 from 0800-0900 in the Edmonton Zone Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre, Classroom D, or via teleconference by registering using the link provided.
Register for videoconf: li.ahs-cmio.ca/cthrounds
Clinical telehealth on insite: li.ahs-cmio.ca/cth


Strategic Transformation Progressing with 3 Streams of Work

Adoption of a seamlessly integrated Clinical Information System (CIS) gives opportunity to improve outcomes, control costs, and support caregivers.  But first we have to simplify and streamline our everyday work. The AHS Provincial CIS Strategic Transformation Initiative promotes collaborative answering of questions about how to transform CIS-sensitive health care policies, processes and norms.
The work of transformation is ramping up; with three pathways yielding results:
Technical: managing our infrastructure (wires and things) and infostructure (software and systems) to take advantage of communications, coordination and other capabilities a CIS can provide.
Capacity: harmonizing and improving existing operations, services and processes so they work best in an integrated continuum-of-care system.
Transformative: rethinking strategies and reshaping how we operate, especially when practices vary without good reason, or we have not figured out how to do something a CIS depends upon.
With a number of strategic transformation questions coming to fruition, there are now regular presentations to executive so that the associated work packages are reviewed, endorsed and allocated.
STQ Catalogue: stq.ahs-cis.ca
STQ Resources: ahs-cmio.ca/stqresources
STQ Collaboratory: ahs-cmio.ca/stqcollaboratory