Between the Charts: CMIO Newsletter for Prescribers - Issue 2 Now Available

We previously posted about our new monthly newsletter for prescribers, called "Between the Charts". This newsletter summarizes key news items, Epic system updates, efficiency tips and extras that will help prescribers optimize their Connect Care user experience, all in two pages.

Our next issue is now out, available at the below link! The previous issue can still be accessed, via the archive in the Connect Care Manual. 

If you have any feedback on this issue or have a suggestion for content you'd like included in a future issue, please send us an email.


Netcare Scheduled Downtime and Change - Thursday December 14, 2023 at 21:00 to Friday December 15, 2023 at 03:00

The Alberta Netcare Portal will be unavailable during the above noted period in order to accommodate system maintenance and a software upgrade. Connect Care will still be available, but Connect Care users will not be able to launch the Alberta Netcare Portal during this time. 

Users who are logged in during this time will be disconnected and will need to re-authenticate following the outage period. Those anticipating need for urgent result access during that period should refer to and complete the ANP Downtime Contingency Kit in advance of the maintenance. 

For any questions or concerns, AHS employees please contact 1-877-311-4300, while Community Alberta Netcare users (outside AHS) can contact the Provincial Helpdesk at 1-877-931-1638.

Change to Netcare Launch within Connect Care

Note that, as a result of this upgrade, Netcare views will no longer embed in Connect Care. Instead, Netcare will launch (with single-sign-on to the appropriate patient) in a new window. Netcare will not be viewable within a patient chart or sidebar. The Netcare team is working on enhancements that may allow embedding of Pharmacy Information Network (PIN) displays within Connect Care. Additional news, when available, will be posted here.


All User Bulletin - Printing Error with Mac Devices

All-user-bulletins highlight stumbling blocks that all prescribers need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Printing Error with Mac Devices 

Recently, printing difficulties have emerged for some Apple Macintosh users who have upgraded to the latest (Sonoma) version of MacOS. Attempts to print from Connect Care to a local printer fail, giving a "printer not activated" error message. Not all local printers are affected. 

The issue relates to how Citrix Workspace, which Connect Care operates within, accesses local printers. Citrix is expected to release a software update to fix the problem. We will post here when this becomes available.

A temporary workaround is to find and use the "print to pdf" local printer. The resulting pdf file can then be opened on the Macintosh computer and printed as needed. Any saved pdf files with patient information should be immediately deleted following printing.


CMIO Optimization Support for Connect Care Users

With 11,174 professionals having completed Chief Medical Information Office (CMIO) training for Connect Care, the CMIO has developed a four-tier optimization training strategy to foster continuous learning for those in previous launches (Waves 1-3 and Launches 4-7). 

All Connect Care users who fall under the scope of CMIO training will be able to access optimization support via their local leadership. Users can combine facets of optimization from any tier, in any order, to best address their unique needs. 

In Tiers 1 and 3, users can drive their own learning through the available resources and modules; in Tiers 2 and 4, Medical Informatics Leads, Super Users, and Zone Clinical Department Heads will help champion this learning for their colleagues and staff.

For more information, see the Optimization Training page in the Connect Care Manual.


Improve Patient Care and Outcomes with Key Dashboards in Connect Care

Three new feedback dashboards are made available in Connect Care as part of the Acute Care Bundle Improvement (ACBI) Initiative, which helps clinicians and managers improve quality of care and patient outcomes (learn more about ACBI here). Most managers, prescribers, Quality Management teams and reporting users will have access to these dashboards.

  • Minimum Use Norms Feedback – Group and Personal Dashboards
    • "Minimum Use Norms" are a set of practices that all clinicians should follow to assure safe and equitable use of Connect Care. Without them, decision supports, documentation aids, and inquiry supports do not work to clinician or patient advantage.
    • The individual dashboard provides feedback about trends in norms compliance. This information can help clinicians identify potential workflow challenges and consider options for optimizing both the user's experience and the quality of the health record.
    • The group dashboard provides anonymized group data to clinical oversight groups (e.g., unit managers), again helping recognize opportunities for both Connect Care and workflow optimization.
  • Meaningful Use Norms Feedback - Group Dashboard
    • "Meaningful Use Norms" are about how a clinical information system is used in ways that promote improved quality and efficiency of care. They apply to all clinicians. Connect Care contains tools and supports for meaningful use, but these depend on good compliance with minimum use norms.

The ACBI Initiative is a provincial quality improvement project that aims to integrate, or "bundle" evidence-informed best-practice projects under a common framework and shared user supports. This integration and coordination makes improvement projects more consistent, aligned and manageable for providers and patients across AHS. Examples of patient experience goals include: 

  • Fewer unnecessary days spent in hospital. 
  • Fewer avoidable readmissions to the hospital after discharge. 
  • Safer continuity of care across transitions from home to hospital to community care.

For information about accessing and using to Minimum and Meaningful Use dashboards: