Improve Patient Care and Outcomes with Key Dashboards in Connect Care

Three new feedback dashboards are made available in Connect Care as part of the Acute Care Bundle Improvement (ACBI) Initiative, which helps clinicians and managers improve quality of care and patient outcomes (learn more about ACBI here). Most managers, prescribers, Quality Management teams and reporting users will have access to these dashboards.

  • Minimum Use Norms Feedback – Group and Personal Dashboards
    • "Minimum Use Norms" are a set of practices that all clinicians should follow to assure safe and equitable use of Connect Care. Without them, decision supports, documentation aids, and inquiry supports do not work to clinician or patient advantage.
    • The individual dashboard provides feedback about trends in norms compliance. This information can help clinicians identify potential workflow challenges and consider options for optimizing both the user's experience and the quality of the health record.
    • The group dashboard provides anonymized group data to clinical oversight groups (e.g., unit managers), again helping recognize opportunities for both Connect Care and workflow optimization.
  • Meaningful Use Norms Feedback - Group Dashboard
    • "Meaningful Use Norms" are about how a clinical information system is used in ways that promote improved quality and efficiency of care. They apply to all clinicians. Connect Care contains tools and supports for meaningful use, but these depend on good compliance with minimum use norms.

The ACBI Initiative is a provincial quality improvement project that aims to integrate, or "bundle" evidence-informed best-practice projects under a common framework and shared user supports. This integration and coordination makes improvement projects more consistent, aligned and manageable for providers and patients across AHS. Examples of patient experience goals include: 

  • Fewer unnecessary days spent in hospital. 
  • Fewer avoidable readmissions to the hospital after discharge. 
  • Safer continuity of care across transitions from home to hospital to community care.

For information about accessing and using to Minimum and Meaningful Use dashboards: