AHS Clinical Telehealth Vision Presentation

Clinical Telehealth helps clinicians deliver health services, share expertise and exchange information – anytime and anywhere – when clinician and client cannot be in the same place. Given Alberta’s broad geography, telehealth tools, skills and supports are increasingly instrumental for provision of equitable, patient-focused, and high-quality care. Advent of a provincial clinical information system, and rapid emergence of “lean” telehealth tools, assures rapid expansion of Clinical Telehealth in diverse AHS lines of service. Dr. Jonathan Choy, our AHS Telehealth Medical Director, will be presenting about Clinical Telehealth successes and aspirations. Join him May 6 from 0800-0900 in the Edmonton Zone Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre, Classroom D, or via teleconference by registering using the link provided.
Register for videoconf: li.ahs-cmio.ca/cthrounds
Clinical telehealth on insite: li.ahs-cmio.ca/cth