CMIO Prescriber Drop-in Now Closed

As we approach the end of the sixth week of Connect Care at the Launch 8 sites, the CMIO Virtual Drop-in Centre has now closed. Though the launch support period may have ended at your site, that is not the end of Connect Care support available for prescribers. 

It is expected that new users will continue to have questions as they encounter situations perhaps not covered in basic training, or when returning to a workflow they need a refresher on, or when there is an opportunity to dive into some of the more advanced tricks and tools available to get the most out of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) and make your user experience smoother. There are a number of post-launch supports in place for these reasons. 

  • If you are experiencing a problem that has possible immediate patient care impact, call the IT Service Desk & Solution Centre at 1-877-311-4300 (#1 for Connect Care). The Service Desk is able to provide high-level workflow and training support; urgent issues will be escalated to an on-call CMIO training team member.
  • For all other issues, take a look at this FAQ to discover the best post-launch resource to use for help.
Don't struggle - ask for help. A solution is likely just a call or click away.