Removal of Outdated eCLINICIAN Medication-checks from Connect Care

Most clinicians have noticed "Medications from outside sources..." alerts in Connect Care charts:

These prod the user to open the "Reconcile Outside Information" activity and either import or delete information from an external health information system. Judging by the large numbers of unmanaged alerts, it appears that most users do not find them helpful. 

A review of the reconcile outside medication prompts reveals that they relate to imports from the eCLINICIAN outpatient health record, which was replaced by Connect Care in 2019. Years have passed, the information is old and the prompts have little remaining value. 

As part of ongoing efforts to minimize unnecessary alerts, all unreconciled eCLINICIAN medication triggers older than 2 years will be archived; thus removing distracting prompts. 

Other potentially high-value information continues to flow from active external systems (e.g., allergies and adverse reactions). These may prompt clinicians to consider incorporating any new information into Connect Care charts.