Launch 4 Progress - A Great Start!

Connect Care Launch 4 continues to progress well after a remarkably smooth weekend. Most early problems are resolved and a few ongoing issues are explored by teams working to fine tune some of the more complex workflows.

Twice-daily prescriber huddles continue to triage any prescriber issues identified to Super Users, Medical Informatics Leads or the ticketing process. Rapid-response clinical system design and other task groups receive and work on issues during the day. Highlights of what is being worked on appear in a daily prescriber Support Hot Topics

Learning curves remain steep in the first week. New users are encouraged to continue to consult with Super Users, check the Connect Care Manual (manual.connect-care.ca), and identify where new supports or clarifications could help (cmio-manual@ahs.ca). In addition, blog postings focus on the more common questions and challenges that we hear about:

Renewed thanks to all Launch 4 teams for their incredible work and resourcefulness through the launch period!