First Week Yum-Yums

Exactly one week ago we were girding ourselves for the Wave 1 launch in the wee hours of the morning.

How much has changed!

We've tackled countless tweaks. Indeed, if nothing else, we've proved an ability to rapidly characterize issues, mobilize resources and get solutions implemented. This is our best reassurane for the waves that follow... collaborative problem-solving.

It is easy to miss how well this launch has gone. Walking the wards, one hears positive, grateful and excited feedback. Just a few of the many comments:
  • no more tracking down a paper chart and fighting for access to it
  • all investigation and intervention data is in one place; no longer have to flip back and forth between paper and Netcare
  • learners notes are more coherent, without having to read chicken-scratch
  • lots of ways for attending physicians to work with the rest of the team, addending notes or when merited adding attending notes
  • routine orders can be entered anywhere, not just on the ward
  • billing is easier
  • dictation is now everywhere, anytime and available to any part of the chart; easy and fast
  • mobility is a game-changer, so much easier to review results from anywhere
  • team coordination and collaboration tools make it much easier to manage specialty groups and keep the work organized
  • morning rapid rounds are transformed, with rapid clarification and correction of team assignments and better sharing of discharge planning
... and many more. It is very encouraging to hear that the advantages of an integrated information system are already obvious to busy clinicians.

We are hearing about efficiency breakthroughs with personalization. Let's cycle back and invest as much as possible into personalization now that launch is behind us and optimization is our new opportunity!

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