From Launch to Optimization

Connect Care supports Alberta Health Service's (AHS) growth as a learning healthcare organization. This is an exciting time! With Wave 1 launch, we've broken through informational barriers to credible internal evidence about what works best for those we serve.

Now that care processes and outcomes are more accessible for informational improvement, it is essential that we transition from CIS break-in to optimization. We need to further streamline workflows while smoothing informational supports. There is every opportunity to help, not hinder, exceptional care.

Our launch preoccupation has been detecting and resolving technical problems. Concerns that might relate to clinical content (decision, documentation and inquiry supports) have been reviewed by rapid-action clinical system design supports from Content and Standards, Clinical Decision Support, Clinical Documentation and Clinical Inquiry Committees and, on behalf of Connect Care Council (CCC) and its Area Councils and Specialty Workgroups, the CCC Coordinating Support Unit.

This week the CCC holds its first full post-launch meeting, marking our transition to optimization. Area Councils will evaluate and prioritize issue-tickets not already closed. In addition, enhancement requests and “bright ideas” will be reviewed.

Area Councils will again take the lead in refining clinical content and determining what should be built next within their specialty. They continue to be supported by Area Council Support Units that bring together Build Teams, cORE Leads and Clinical Informatics Leads to develop, build, validate and implement clinical content.

We look forward to leveraging a great launch through even greater optimization.

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