A Tribute to IT

As physicians, it is natural to see the Connect Care launch through a clinical lens. This is good. We have mobilized leaders and informaticians with remarkable effect. But, caught up in the thrill of launch, it can be easy to miss how much technical problem-solving enables clinical problem-solving.

Connect Care is a massive, and massively complex, undertaking. Clinicians see the tip of an iceberg. We are grateful for fast fixes to the functions we see, but may not appreciate everything that has happened to make those functions possible in the first place. We don't see infinitely complicated foundational transitions: from a myriad of disparate systems to entirely new infrastructure and infostructure touching everything that supports health care across the continuum of care.

We are deeply grateful for the privilege of working with our IT partners. AHS has groomed an exceptionally capable, knowledgeable and resourceful IT team. Its leaders are, to a person, delightful to work with. They have grown strong and effective relationships with clinical and operational leaders. More importantly, their teams have nurtured a culture of service. As important as the speed of problem-solving, is the resilience, good nature and patient personae of those who solve problems. IT is at the focal point of countless stressors. But they work with us, listen to frustration, hear the underlying issues, and quietly get us to where we need to be. AHS is blessed with an IT capacity unmatched country wide. We are deeply grateful.

Connect Care is not an IT project. We've always said that. However this is a good time to acknowledge that there would be no project without the very special AHS IT that makes Connect Care all that it can be. Thumbs up to our IT buddies today!

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