Practical Paranoia - Don't Click on Links in Emails!

We've frequently emphasized the place of practical paranoia as an essential privacy protection and clinical skill.

The Connect Care initiative benefits from robust technical privacy protections. As important are the behavioural privacy protections promoted through InfoCare, which all Connect Care users must participate in.

Neurons, not networks, remain our biggest risk. AHS continues to be targeted by phishing attacks, as previously explained. The size of our target may be bigger because of the publicity Connect Care has attracted.

Be especially vigilant about email messages. Seemingly familiar communications can contain links that install hacker software. Safest to practice universal precautions and never click on hyperlinks in emails (even those from internal AHS email addresses).

The CMIO portfolio is changing its approach to email communications. We will spell out internet links so the user can copy and paste to a browser, rather than clicking the link. By knowing the exact location of the link, take care to only use links where the "domain" or root is recognized and trusted ("ahs.ca", "albertahealthservices.ca", "connect-care.ca", "ahs-cis.ca", "ahs-cmio.ca", "bytesblog.ca").

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