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All-physician-bulletins highlight stumbling blocks, and solutions, that all physicians need to be aware of when starting to use the Connect Care clinical information system.

Choose the correct "department" at logon.

When logging on to the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) Hyperspace environment, one needs to indicate a "Department" (context) that one will be working within. The word "Department" is not used in the way we think of a clinical division, speciality, department or section. Rather, "department" is simply a way for the Connect Care ecosystem to be divided up in ways that might better shape the users' CIS experience.

An individual physician may work in multiple contexts and need to switch between these from time to time. Trainees will often change contexts when they change rotations.

Those accustomed to the prior eCLINICIAN system, will know very specific departments. These do not exist in the Connect Care space. Rather, physicians should seek the highest level (broadest) department to match the specialty they work in within one of Alberta's zones.

The easiest way to get this right for wave 1 physicians is to search for the right department with "Edmonton Zone X" where X is the specialty or clinical area (broadest available) of interest.

Do not be alarmed that nurses and other health professionals may have a different workflow and select very specific departments, like an individual unit. Physicians go broad!

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