Connect Care Optimization Clinic #1 - Orders Hygiene

The third phase of Connect Care training for physicians is called "Optimization", not to be confused with ongoing optimization of clinical content (documentation, decision and inquiry supports).

Among the many optimization options available to Connect Care physicians are a series of Optimization Clinics. These informal sessions are entirely voluntary and virtual, with no need to register, go somewhere, or work through MyLearningLink. There are no reading materials, eLearnings or other expectations.

Optimization clinics are delivered by peers, usually a clinician informatician or super user. But anyone can volunteer to facilitate a clinic.

Each clinic focuses on one or more challenging use or workflow(s). A short presentation of a proposed optimized practice is followed by questions, discussion and suggestions from participants. Any new key messages get posted to the Physician Manual or Physician Updates.

A first (pilot) optimization clinic occurs Wednesday November 27 at noon:
  • Topic: Orders Hygiene
  • Facilitator: Rob Hayward 
  • Time: November 27, 2019, 1200-1300
  • Audio: 780-801-2629, conference code 7070706
  • Video: clinic.connect-care.ca (please test and join between 1130-1200)

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