Second Week Yum Yums

Connect Care has progressed nicely through its second week. There are many promising indicators. Mobile application use and in-system dictation continue to grow. Many patients have been both admitted and discharged with Connect Care as the record of care. Outpatient clinics continue to increase productivity and the hospital is rapidly returning to typical case and complexity burdens. The emergency and critical care device issues are largely resolved.

We continue to see the number of closed support 'tickets' exceed the number opened, demonstrating catch-up from the post-launch rush.

We experience early transition from technical to change-management challenges. Accordingly, problem-solving takes longer and involves a wider range of stakeholders. Major areas of progress in week two address complex challenges:
  • Patient transitions - a workgroup directly observes and analyzes phase of care, transfer order and other difficulties associated with complex patient transitions (direct admit from clinic, direct consult to specialty in ER, direct to OR, OR to and from ICU, etc.). The root causes of things like duplicate orders are being exposed and a combination of configuration, education and change management interventions are taking hold.
  • Consent navigator - difficulties with changing or evolving consents are addressed by a new capability for addenda to signed consents.
  • Order entry norms - increasing prescriber exposure to clinical decision supports requires full CPOC (computerized prescriber order entry) and clearly understood exceptions when protocolized, verbal or telephone orders may be appropriate.

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