More Progress

The physician community is doing remarkably well with major change. The prevailing tone is constructive helpfulness, with admirable forbearance while things get fixed. Reporting problems in sufficient detail remains the best support for continuing improvement.

Rough spots during break-in are inevitable. Our test is how quickly we identify and correct the break-in issues. We continue to make rapid progress improving orderables lookup, which we know to be a common current frustration. There are a number of accomplishments easy to miss because they unfold with little fanfare:
  • Mobility - great uptake with over 2,000 physician devices successfully activated for Haiku or Canto. We'll take a look at the typical uses about a week from now.
  • Dictation - in-system dictation (Dragon Medical One) is already taking off. Wonderful to see more in-system dictation, even large complex things like discharge summaries and procedure reports, than partial dictation (eScription) within the first days of launch. 
  • Ambulatory - all clinics fully launched at the beginning of the week.
  • MyAHS Connect - brisk uptake with 400 patients already active in the portal.
  • Lab processing - already case volumes are re-establisehed with 95% compliance with target reporting times.
  • Chemotherapy - no interruption and all on time.
  • Complex Cases - workflows and transfers continually improve, with multiple trauma, transplant and mass transfusions already managed in Connect Care.

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