New Global Search for Connect Care Update Blogs

The Connect Care Physician Updates blogs include multiple "channels". These are listed across the top in a button bar (computers) or pick-list (mobile devices) and include:
  • Bytes - general interest updates
  • Bridges - posts of interest to those not using Connect Care as their record of care
  • Vlogs - short video blogs on general introductory topics
  • Informatics - more detailed or technical postings of interest to physician informaticians
  • Tips - brief explanations, demonstrations and practical pointers
  • FAQ - frequently asked questions about Connect Care functions
  • Support - common problems and solutions for Connect Care users
It has been possible to search for posts with title or text containing a term, or to search for posts tagged as belonging to a particular category (left column of all blog channels). 

As the volume and value of postings has grown, our followers have requested a way to search multiple channels at once. We now have a rudimentary tool that does this.

Check out the new "Search" link in the button bar above or the "See Also" links to the right.

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