In-System Dictation (Dragon Medical One) Optimization Sessions

Looking to be slicker, faster (and happier!) with in-system dictation using Dragon Medical One (DMO)?

Attend a DMO Optimization sessions to learn how to use and create custom commands, hotkey shortcuts and dictation-triggered SmartText. Whatever your needs, optimization sessions can answer questions for a more personalized dictation toolkit.

To Register:
  • Visit My Learning Link (MLL) ;
  • Search “Dragon Medical One (DMO) Optimization”;
  • Select a session
    • Location: Kaye Edmonton Clinic (KEC) 3F.110
    • Duration: 1 Hour
    • Dates: November 25, 26, 28; December 3, 4, 6
    • Times: 0700-0800, 1200-1300, 1600-1700

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