Connect Care Weekly Review - October 11, 2019

What a week its been! Lots of action and lots of new information in our various blogging channels. Some highlights:
  • Countdown checklist: daily postings to this blog offer specific steps that can be taken, one at a time, to ensure physician readiness for launch on November 3, 2019. Try to check off the tasks!
  • Physician manual: a Connect Care physician manual summarizes essential information and tips in one simple format that adapts to desktop and mobile devices. This already has a lot of practical information for beginners.
  • Workflow dress rehearsals: started this week, with lots of physician involvement, meaningful system exposure in typical clinical environments, a good test of emerging user supports, and many valuable insights and tweaks now in the works.
  • Over 2,800 physicians have presented for basic training and over 600 are already through personalization training. Personalization training workshops have proved exciting and empowering for participants... already leading to excellent launch preparations.
  • Specialty clinical system design is complete, with all build validated, and >230 ordersets are validated and moving into production, with another 70 to go.
  • Physician users have started to share peer-to-peer tips, supports and answers to questions.
  • A 'First Looks' series of demonstrations shares the look and feel of recent functions to emerge in our Connect Care build.
  • Connect Care Mobility installs are progressing, backed by a new physician mobility compact.
  • Other readiness events: the 30-Day Launch Readiness Assessment, held on October 2, and the Clinical Operations Readiness Day, held on October 3, drew 385 and 505 attendees, respectively. Three quarters believe they are ready for launch.