A good day!

It will take a lot of discipline to stick to daily postings! There is so much happening that weeks of accomplishments are packed into a single day. And the pace increases daily.

We are down to a month left before Wave 1 launch!

Our 30 day Launch Readiness Assessment (LRA) was well attended today, with deep gratitude to the many who have worked tirelessly to overcome obstacles and meet milestones. Yes, some worries remain. But resolution of so many seemingly impossible challenges is reassuring to witness.

Prior to the LRA meetings, our Provincial Practitioner Executive Committee met and considered Connect Care compacts and norms (see yesterday's posting), giving positive review and endorsement. It is important for leadership to be fully aware of the best behaviours that our physician communities need to promote.

After the LRA meetings, Wave 1 medical leadership worked through a number of vexing launch readiness plans, yielding clear direction about cut-over processes for inpatient charts.

We are thrilled to see two physicians celebrated as Connect Care Champions: Dr. Branko Braam and Dr. Neal Chatterjee.

And it was pleasing to finish the day getting report that Connect Care integration with the Pharmacy Information Network is ready for physician testing, as blogged in our Informatics channel.