Taking Care

Connect Care has taken care to design, build and configure the best possible clinical information system. Now, as a community of users, we need to take care of one another through change and challenge.

As we near the first Wave launch, we can feel the excitement building. We also know that workload and demands increase as preparations progress. We recognize that teams are working very hard and deeply appreciate the efforts.

But even with thorough planning and preparation, implementing what we've collectively built will present unanticipated challenges. Some will be urgent – some will not. We are exploring every eventuality to ensure Connect Care is a success. We have taken our time, considered possibilities, tested and re-tested, and involved staff, physicians and patients at every step of the way. We have resourced to support our people while keeping patient safety and service our top priority.

All preparations aside, our greatest protective is our people. We have surmounted extreme challenge before and will do so again. Connect Care has built a clinical information system that will continually improve. More importantly, Connect Care has grown the people capacity to understand, collaborate and problem-solve informational issues. We have trained and empowered clinical informaticians, super users, trainers and a wealth of other human resources. Now we must leverage that capacity to tackle the challenges to come; leaning on one another to navigate change and seize opportunity.

Connect Care has moved from workgroups to hallways. Let's buddy-up, trust our abilities, take care of one another, and make this work!