Connect Care Weekly Review - October 18, 2019

The pace quickens! Thank you to all of the physicians who have stepped forward to participate in a wide range of readiness and implementation activities. Thank  you also to all our colleagues who are following the countdown checklists and getting personally ready for launch.

Some highlights from the week past:
  • Appointment conversion
    Many clinicians review data conversion from eCLINICIAN to Connect Care of upcoming clinic appointments. The mapping is tricking because of different classifications of visit types but mitigations are in place and the work will be done on time. The conversion weekend progressed through >70,000 referral conversions, ~120,000 appointment conversion in the first 24h, with just a handful of errors found. A a great success that gives confidence in our appointment types and department mappings.
  • Launch Supports and Command Structure Communications about how users will be supported at and after launch start to circulate, while the schedule of Command Structure activities is being finalized for the first 4-6 weeks post-launch. Already some launch supports are in play. Watch for openings of drop-in centres!
  • Cut-over Dry RunInpatient cut-over occurs in the two days immediately prior to launch day. Current patients are registered in the CIS and their charts are seeded with essential information about orders, medications and clinical history. A dry run successfully tested the health information interfaces that need to activate at the same time. Tools for chart extracts are developed and tested.
  • Medical Therapy Plan ConversionPatients whose treatment extends over person, time and place are on "Therapy Plans" for complex outpatient therapies. Existing plan conversion into Connect Care progresses now.
  • Medical Outpatient Unit OrdersMedical outpatient units function somewhere between inpatient and outpatient norms. Special preparations are made to ensure that their investigations and interventions are supported at launch. Conversions are underway, to finish November 1.
  • Oncology Protocol ConversionPatients currently on Oncology treatment protocols need to have their information and stage of treatment converted into Connect Care. This work is underway.
  • Outpatient Chart AbstractionClinics moving from eCLINICIAN benefit from extensive data conversion. Still some old chart content may need to be abstracted into new charts so that scheduled patients will have a sufficient record when seen at launch. Over 1000 charts are already abstracted.
  • Research ConversionHere again, patients on current research protocol treatment plans need to have their information, orders and recurring tests entered to Connect Care so there is continuity of research at launch. Over 200 studies are supported.
  • Shadow ChartingThese real-time simulations have continued and continue to prove invaluable for orientation, training and discovering tweaks needed before launch. User feedback is very positive. Within resource limits, a few more sessions are being planned to address readiness needs of complex areas.
  • Physician Training
    We continue to progress with 99% of physicians registered for basic and personalization training (seems like ~20 docs have gone walkabout!), 2,920 physicians are finished basic training and all medical learners are trained.
  • Medical Office Assistant TrainingIt has proved challenging to identify medical office assistants in independent clinics who need Connect Care access and training. ~150 are registered to training tracks.
  • Mobility
    As of last week, we have >1,125 mobile devices successfully installed with Haiku or Canto. A new physician portal has opened and lots of mobility tips are flowing in.