Locating Connect Care Downtime Plans

A Clinical information system (CIS) can suffer performance degradation, or even a complete "downtime", affecting one or more functions. Service interruptions can be planned (maintenance) or unplanned.

Of course we don't want, or expect, unplanned downtimes. But it would be silly to not prepare for the possibility. Business continuity relates to support of clinical and administrative workflows when CIS functions are compromised.

Connect Care has implemented a robust cloud-based Recovery Planner (RPX) to support business continuity, provide a common front for downtime plans, and be resilient to local technical or software failures. We'll post more information about RPX as it deploys.

For now, through downtime and recovery procedure information is available at downtime.connect-care.ca (insite). If the website should become unavailable, contact the IT Service Desk and Solution Centre (1-877-311-4300) to get copies of downtime guides.