Business Continuity Management Partner Selected

AHS is pleased to announce that Recovery Planner has been selected as the software vendor to support the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program following a request for proposal process. BCM is a process that identifies events that could impact the continuity of services AHS provides. Recovery Planner has been on the forefront of delivering proven cost-effective resiliency solutions since 1999.

The software, named “RPX,” is built on a modern cloud platform and expresses standards and industry best practices. With planning, analysis, and real-time capabilities, RPX will better support the management of continuity and recovery of critical business, facilities, equipment and supplies, as well as staffing and technology services, in the event of a disruption (for example, the Fort McMurray wildfires, IT outages, labour action, or breaks in supply chain management).

Implementation of RPX will also support downtime and recovery objectives for a planned or unplanned Connect Care disruption by providing a platform for plan documentation, storage, access, training and plan activation. The goal is to implement RPX in a manner that supports Connect Care objectives and timelines. The “how” is in development.