Drop-In Dictation (Dragon) Sessions

Intrigued by the possibilities of Connect Care speech recognition and in-system dictation? But intimidated about how to get started?

Consider learning and sharing with peers at a DMO (Dragon Medical One) drop-in Session!

Who:Prescribers (physicians, residents, medical students, dentist, nurse practitioner, clinical associate, etc.) anticipating use of DMO in Connect Care workflows
What:Informal peer-to-peer help with PowerMic Mobile set up, high-value voice commands and efficient documentation tricks.
Where:WMC 5G1.11 and WMC 0C2.59 (University Hospital)
When:Oct 21-25, 2019, 1015-1215 and 1745-1945 at WMC 5G1.11
Oct 26, 2019, 1015-1215 at WMC 0C2.59