Got your Back!

There is a lot of (anxiety-tinged) excitement as we close in on Connect Care's Wave 1 launch. Everyone is impacted; even those at Zone sites that do not yet implement the clinical information system (CIS). Naturally, we wonder about the who and how of end-user support. We also need to know how unexpected issues will be identified, reported, understood and resolved. 

Medical and Operational Leaders work together in a launch "Command Structure” that coordinates user-supports and problem-solving during launch and for a number of weeks afterwards. This operates 24/7, constantly receiving concerns from clinical groups, managers and leaders. There will be "ears to the ground" everywhere; using rounds, divisional meetings, unit scrums, Super User reports,  and drop-in conversations to capture issues, then channel these to the Connect Care Service Desk & Solution Centre. Throughout the day, diverse Command teams will meet to discuss and resolve issues. Updates will be shared Zone-wide on a regular basis. 

Wave 1 launch deploys the Connect Care CIS to specific facilities and clinics. But the entire Zone monitors clinical impacts, ready to redirect service loads where and when needed.  The Command Structure will dovetail with a Zone Emergency Operations Centre (ZEOC) to ensure an integrated and coordinated approach to addressing service loads, protecting patient safety, and communicating to stakeholders. 

Those putting hands to keyboards (or mouths to microphones!) in early November will have diverse supports:  
  • Super Users will be “at-the-elbow” to guide clinicians (be sure to identify and work with your own Super User, who will help solve problems and log issues and requests). 
  • The CIS Learning Home Dashboards will update guides about how to support workflows with CIS tools.
  • The Connect Care Physician Manual (manual.connect-care.ca) will be updated regularly, reflecting the essential knowledge and skills needed for physicians to make headway with Connect Care.
  • The Connect Care Physician Blogs (blogs.connect-care.ca) have channels for peer-to-peer tips, FAQs and supports. Check daily (or subscribe) for help with unique informational needs of physicians.
Don't be shy! Reach out early and often. A solution or mitigation is likely just a call away.