Connect Care Weekly Review - October 25, 2019

A big thank you to all the physicians groups who have welcomed us to special meetings to help with last-minute planning (and a tinge of panic?). It is always good to meet directly with colleagues. We have great capacity. We will rise to the Connect Care challenge. And we will do our best to fit in more just-in-time meetings this week. Contact cmio@ahs.ca.

Some highlights from the week past:
  • Connect Care Newsletter
    The latest is linked.
  • Physician Training
    ~99 % of Wave 1 physicians have registered for basic and personalization training. ~3,000 physicians, residents, students and nurse practitioners have already attending basic training. The classes are working at full capacity. Still, don't get missed! We will find a way to get all who need training ready to work in Connect Care for launch. Priority is given to those with clinical duties in the first days/weeks.
  • Physician Production System Readiness
    About 2,700 physicians have completed of privacy awareness training (InfoCare) and 1,900 have completed competency assessments (EUPA). Both milestones must be met in order to gain access to the full Connect Care clinical information system. We understand that the MyLearningLink system has failed to record many completions, and so have provided an attestation equivalency. Despite these efforts, we fear many clinicians are not aware that they have not been credited for having completed these milestones. We are contacting affected physicians and expediting attestations. Please contact help.cmio@ahs.ca if you don't know why you do not have PRD access.
  • Dictation
    Some technical problems with the Dragon Medical One in-system dictation tool have been tracked down and resolved. The system is now working efficiently.
  • Drop-In Centre
    Drop-in Centres have opened at the University Hospital and have been well attended. 
  • Drop-In Dictation Support
    Supplemental dictation workshops have also been appreciated.
  • Connect Care Concierge Launches
    A user help portal (one of many ways to gain support) has launched and is ready to receive non-urgent problem reports and feature requests.