Drop-in Training & Personalization Support

Feeling anxious? Want some last-minute help? Want to trade strategies with peers? A few moments at a Connect Care prescribers' Drop-In Centre might be just the thing!

Who:Prescribers (physicians, residents, medical students, dentist, nurse practitioner, clinical associate, etc.)
What:Informal peer-to-peer help with clinical information system use, personalization and workflows, especially those not covered in basic training.
Where:WMC 5G1.11 (University Hospital, Fifth floor NE)
When:Oct 22 to Nov 1, 2019, 0700-2300
Nov 2-12, 2019, 24 hours a day (location TBD)
Nov 13-18, 2019, 0800-2300 (location TBD)

Even if you have taken your Connect Care training, you may still have questions about personalization, mobility apps or how to effectively work in Connect Care.  The CMIO training team will be available each day from now until after launch to lend a hand... and learn from you!