Disaster Recovery Exercise

It is very important that we have a robust and tested disaster recovery plan before Connect Care launch. The processes have been in the works for years, yielding multiple layers of fail-over protection and a resilient infrastructure. Nonetheless, hardware, software and process needs to be tested with fully functional clinical information system (CIS) and support modules.

The Connect Care Disaster Recovery Plan will be put to the test October 16, 2019 after 2200. The exercise will simulate a real disaster. The ability of a downed data centre to fail-over to one of the back-up data centres will be checked together with continuity of CIS functions as the primary data source switches from one urban centre to another.

CIS environments could go down and so the timing avoids interruption of known training events.

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  1. The disaster recovery exercise proceeded Wednesday night. Everything worked well. The north data centre failed over to the south centre. A number of scenarios were simulated, including data centre fire, ransomware attack, site or zone connectivity loss and bad system update. This was very important work. It is good to know that we've had a full dry run of disaster recovery protocols.


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