Personalization Workshops make all the Difference!

Once physicians complete basic Connect Care training, the next step is personalization. Physicians are strongly encouraged to take the time to personalize their clinical information system (CIS) as this is where the true benefits of digital transformation are realized. We hear this over and over again. Organizations that invest in personalization pre-launch experience less disruption, greater physician satisfaction and improved peer-to-peer support.

Physicians who participate in personalization workshops leave with:
  • Access to the production version (read-only) of the CIS where they can customize the interface to their liking and set up preference lists, order clusters, and text-generation shortcuts that make things easier at launch.
  • Install and begin to explore CIS mobile applications (Haiku for smartphones, Canto for iPads)
  • Install and start practicing in-system dictation with Dragon Medical One and PowerMic Mobile
  • Test logon access to Production (PRD).
  • Learn how to rapidly access just-in-time help and peer sharing forums.
There are plenty of day and time options and plenty of spots available. Sign up directly in My Learning Link by searching for courses with “personalization” in the title and then selecting the course for the right department or training track.

Available spots will become limited as Wave 1 launch nears. The Connect Care Physician Manual summarizes how to prepare for and get the most from personalization workshops.