Enterprise Support for Physician Personal Apple Devices

Many physicians anticipate using personal mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) access. Indeed, getting the Haiku (Apple or Android smartphone), Canto (Apple iPad) and PowerMic Mobile (Apple or Android) applications ready for use happens during personalization workshops.

Some physicians contemplate device purchases or upgrades and wonder if there are any supports for physicians affiliated with Alberta Health Services.

There are two important considerations: 1) volume purchase discounts and 2) purchased device support assistance.

Alberta Health Services, like other health and academic organizations, enjoys a modest discount if Apple devices are purchased as part of its employee purchase program. Physicians with an AHS relationship (e.g. privileges) are eligible. Physicians with University affiliations may want to compare discounts available through the AHS Employee and the Apple education programs.
In addition, Apple and AHS will soon release an Apple purchase portal for AHS physicians. By purchasing devices through this portal, physicians receive 2 or more years of extended warranty protection plus access to technical support, accidental damage protection and dedicated AHS device services. This is expected at least 2 weeks pre-launch. Physicians may want to defer new purchases until that time.
Keep receipts! Physicians are eligible for medical hardware purchase supports through the Alberta Medical Association. University physicians may be eligible for some further equipment purchase supports.

Update: both the Apple Physician Purchasing Portal and the AMA computer support programs have been discontinued. 

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  1. We have observed that the (trial) Apple Device Purchase Portal has not proved as helpful as hoped.

    The portal vendor, Compugen, does not appear to be offering prices significantly better than what is available directly through Apple (esp with institutional or academic discounts). We are not fully confident that enterprise AppleCare is significantly different from personal AppleCare.

    Physicians should check the portal against Apple's online store, any applicable discounts, and University and AHS employee purchase programs.

    Also note that the AMA clinical device purchase support program is ending March 31, 2020.

    The Physician Manual has been updated.


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