Learning to Love your CIS - 3 - Fears

The consistent lesson from studies of large clinical information system (CIS) initiatives is that success is contingent first on people, then process, and finally matters of product. Almost all the problems cited in the "EHR State of Mind" rap can be addressed when our people use informatics to serve, not enslave, good process.

Obviously, fearful people do not perform well. We must face our fears in order to have credible hope.

Our analysis of the CIS engagement literature, media, and local consultations boils down to 5 fears; that the coming CIS will be: inconvenient, inefficient, institutionalizing, insensitive and insatiable… with the sum of all fears that Connect Care will Disconnect us from Care.

As part of our recent Wave 1 Launch event, we examined each class of fear in turn, calling out what we are doing through Connect Care design, build, training and change-management to mitigate possible harms. Follow the link to view this part of our presentation, with further links to slides and handouts.