Why Doctors Love Their Computers - 2

We previously posted about an influential piece by Dr. Atul Gawande: "Why Doctors Hate Their Computers".  The New Yorker article continues to attract a lot of attention, and is an essential read for all involved in the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) launch later this year.

The article has stirred social media widely, stimulating a lot of great discussion.

A UC San Diego physician group (also on Epic) have recently shared reflections about "Why Doctors Love Their Computers" while acknowledging that there remains lots of room for improvement. A good, quick, read that lists 10 reasons why, from primary care and hospitalist perspectives:
Among the reasons we hope to realize are: convenience of mobility, better connections with the circle of care, easier access to essential health information (problems, meds, allergies, etc.), better on-call supports, leveraging documentation of others, faster admissions with personalized ordersets, streamlined discharge summaries, and prescribing that is both easier and safer.