Recruiting Connect Care Super Users

Many of us are part of the first Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) launch later this year. With implementation anxiety growing, we may feel a bit better knowing that capable and confident "Super Users" will be close at hand and ready to help.

Super Users support peers in clinical areas, helping them adapt to new workflows, processes and norms while building capacity for meaningful use of the Connect Care CIS. Physician Super Users facilitate prescriber participation in readiness activities, ensure authentic CIS testing, and build relationships to support physicians “at the elbow” prior to, during and following launch.  Super Users get early CIS training and a variety of change agent supports.

With only 10 months (note the new countdown top left!) to go until Wave 1 launch, we need to start thinking about Super Users. Recruitment begins next month, starting with Wave 1 units, departments, areas and locations. Now is the time to start identifying those who could be a good fit for this role.

Visit the Connect Care intranet for general information and email ConnectCareSuperUsers@ahs.ca with nominations. For Physician Super User nominations, email cmio@ahs.ca.