Connect Care Inquiry & Research Support Webinars

We’ve previously posted about how the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) will support clinical inquiry. Connect Care, at its core, is about inquiry and research – learning from the care we deliver to Albertans. We initiate inquiry when we ask questions about what we do and we participate in research when using systematic approaches to answering those questions.

Connect Care affords us powerful tools for inquiry and research support. As these take shape, there is growing interest in what is possible and when it will be available. The Connect Care Clinical Inquiry and Research Team helps by hosting a series of monthly demonstrations showcasing research capabilities and workflows.  The webinars also give opportunity to put questions to the Connect Care team.

Upcoming inquiry & research management webinars are planned as follows:
  • Monday Jan 21st, 2019 12 PM-1PM
  • Tues Feb 19th, 2019 12 PM-1 PM
  • Mon Mar 18th, 2019 12 PM-1 PM
  • Mon Apr 15th, 2019 12 PM-1PM
To request a webinar invitation, please contact CC.Research@ahs.ca. For more information about Connect Care inquiry and research supports, please see relevant Connect Care Handbook entries: