Power Opportunity for Physicians

Physician Power Users attain certification in advanced use of Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) capabilities. They work with interested clinical peers, bringing to bear deep knowledge about use of personalization, text automation, order panels and other aids to smooth CIS workflows. They help themselves and others achieve maximum CIS efficiency and effectiveness.

The Power User training and qualification can pursued by any physician wishing to optimize CIS use, or added to any existing Connect Care physician role. Online courses are offered by Epic, delivered through self-directed online learning and scheduled webinars. Ideally, physicians will already be either CIS users (eCLINICIAN counts) or otherwise oriented to CIS use (physician orientation training or equivalent). Clinical departments and divisions may want to recruit some Power Users now, as they can make a big difference to implementation in the coming years. Contact CMIO@AHS.ca if interested.

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